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What do you think: are computer/phone games appropriate for kids? Share your opinion and see what other parents are saying on the Preschoolers board.

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Recent Activity

BH Fall Festival Anyone?
Hi all, So I am new here, this is my 2 and a half year old's first week of school. I was wondering where I can find out more info about the coming up Fall Festival at Bright Horizons. Is...
Started by Profile photo of Thanh Luu Thanh Luu in Toddler
Need protein ideas: My toddler won’t eat meat
My son is starting to demonstrate some really picky eating habits. Lately,, he is refusing to eat meat. He loves carbs and is pretty good about eating fruits and veggies, but meat? No way. I need to get some more...
Started by Profile photo of Rita Murphy in Family Health & Wellness
How do you find time for wellness?
Between juggling work and home, it can be tough to find time for yourself. What are some simple ways you find time to take care of YOU? Ideas for healthy snacks for work? Simple ways you fit in exercise? Please...
Started by Profile photo of Lindsay Lindsay in General Parenting
how to deal with a schizophrenic mother in law?
By profession I am a teacher and married for 1 and a half year.After my marriage I had a tough time with my mother in law like others.But when few months later,by chance I came to know that I am...
Started by Profile photo of amrita chatterjee in Family Fun & Activities
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