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13 Things To Do at the Beach with Children

13 Things To Do at the Beach with Children

When you think of a trip to the beach, you think of lying in the warm sun and feeling the beautiful breeze from the ocean while enjoying a good book and frozen margarita making sure you have enough sunscreen, toys, games, snacks, drinks, and entertainment to keep your children happy. Once you find your spot on the sand, now what? Here are some beach activities to keep your kids entertained.

13 Beach Activities for Kids

  1. Build a sandcastle. Be sure to pack little figurines (princesses, dragons, etc.) and make the castle come to life!
  2. Have a scavenger hunt. List items to find such as seashells, snails, rocks, etc.
  3. Pack a ball and play beach soccer or kickball. Be mindful of others if the beach is crowded.
  4. Bring a boogie board. Ride the waves!
  5. Send your kids on a treasure hunt. Bring coins or objects and hide them in the sand and around your area for your children to find.
  6. Hold an obstacle course/relay race. This is good exercise and can be as easy as jumping over buckets or towels, running to the water to fill up a bucket and bring it back, etc.
  7. Draw hopscotch in the sand. Use a seashell as a marker.
  8. Play tic-tac-toe. Draw the game board in the sand.
  9. Have a family picnic. Packing lunch? Bring a blanket and eat picnic-style!
  10. Collect items and have your child count them. Take away and add to work on math skills.
  11. Go for a walk along the shore. See what living animals (snails, starfish, crabs, seagulls) you can spot.
  12. Take a moment to relax. Find a shady area or get under a tent/umbrella and read your child one of their favorite books.
  13. Collect shells. Find pretty seashells for art projects that will make for great weekend activities later in the summer.

What beach activities do your kids like best?

The Bright Horizons Family Beach Guide

If you and your family are planning on heading to the beach, you need to know what snacks and toys and to bring with you and how to practice water safety. Read the Bright Horizons Family Beach Guide to be prepared for your day at the beach!

Kids at the Beach

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One comment

  1. Mary, Organized Mom July 28, 2014 at 11:41 am

    We also like to:

    Read Books
    Play Cards (this past vacation it was Old Maid)
    Look for hermit crabs, sand dollars or other sea creatures you can pick up if the beach has any of these
    Play paddle ball
    Build roller coasters in the sand using a paddle ball ball
    Play I Spy
    Eat breakfast! (I make bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and bring them to the beach to extend the day)

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