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3 Things I Love About My 3 Year Old

3 Things I Love About My 3 Year Old

Liam turned three last week and not surprisingly, the milestone has me feeling a bit nostalgic. A few weeks back, I was looking through an old family photo album with my grandmother and she welled up as she looked at pictures of her grandchildren as babies and little kids, all of whom are now all grown up, and told me it didn’t seem possible that all that time had passed so quickly. Last night we somewhat randomly sat down to watch some videos I’d taken of Liam as a baby, some two and a half years ago. I found myself, just like my grandmother, welling up and wondering how all that time had passed and how that baby gurgling and squirming was now my big, strong 3-year-old boy. Despite my every effort to be present and not let time slip through my fingers as he grows, I still can’t help but feel like there isn’t enough.

In an effort to capture him at this moment in time, I’ll share some of my favorite things about him at this current state – age 3.

Liam at age three

My Favorite Things about Age 3

1. Liam-Talk: It seems like not a day goes by that he isn’t entertaining me with his running commentary. We’re not quitting preschool to begin preparing for a career in stand-up but I find the little glimpses into the inner workings of the mind of Liam to be utterly hilarious. Like how he disciplines his grandparents when they aren’t being careful and using two hands with their cups. Or how he decided that his potty seat is a throne and declared himself the King of Pee Pee. Or how anytime someone is dressed up (man or woman), Liam runs over to them to tell them they are a beautiful princess. I personally love that…my husband, Brad, less so. This process of Liam discovering the world around him and trying to figure it out by talking about it utterly amazes me and is my favorite stage of his development thus far.

2. Cuddles: Liam is by far the most cuddly human I’ve ever known. There are few things he seems to love more than a good hug or cuddle session…he even makes a little purring noise like a cat, just to let you know how much he’s enjoying the cuddling as it’s happening. His new favorite is the family hug where he wraps one arm around both Brad and I as we all hug each other. It’s adorable. I know he won’t always be so inclined to cuddle with his mama but I really hope this one sticks around for awhile.

3. Exuberance: It doesn’t take much to make Liam happy. Suggest a walk down to meet Dad at his train or a stop at the grocery store after school and he is BEYOND excited. In the car, when he plays one of his playlists, he literally sits silently between songs, waiting to see if another will come on. When it does, he erupts in cheers and clapping and encourages me to do the same. He finds such joy in the littlest of things in a way that makes me smile, and has been an excellent reminder for me to find joy in those things too. Never in my life has getting a package in the mail or driving through a tunnel been as exciting and fun, and for that I have Liam to thank.

Happy birthday little man. I couldn’t love you more.


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  1. Amanda January 7, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    I am loving my 3 year old girl right now so much. A lot of people say it’s not the terrible 2’s, but rather the terrible threes. And sure, she has her moments of high drama, but for the most part my 3 year old is such a joy right now. So, I wanted to see if other people are loving their 3 year old as much as I do, so I literally googled “I love my 3 year old so much” and this blog came up. I love your description of the exuberance, cuddles, and hilarious running commentary. It is so much fun. My 3 year old right now likes to sing Adele songs. So funny! She also likes group hugs with Mommy and Daddy. She is empathetic with Mommy- (I have some medical problems) She remembers what’s wrong and is concerned about it. She is quick to repay a compliment, and will call me a beautiful girl. So sweet! And, yes, she is excited about everything. Her books, her clothes, her food. Thanks for sharing why you love your 3 year old!

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