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30 Things to Do in the Summer

30 Things to Do in the Summer

Summer…it’s my favorite time of year. It never arrives fast enough and ends too soon. As the school year was coming to an end, I asked my kids what they were looking forward to doing most this summer. As New Englanders, it took a little to jog their memory, as their first and only goal was to “go to the Cape.” Nothing else. But, after a little discussion, here’s a list of our wishes for summer…

15 Things to Do in the Summer…According to the Kids

  1. Go to Cape Cod.
  2. Eat ice cream.
  3. Visit the Trampoline Park in Harwich, MA.
  4. See the seals at the Chatham Fishing Pier.
  5. Ride bikes on the Cape Cod Canal bike path.
  6. Take Fenway (our dog) for walks.
  7. Swim, swim, swim and more swimming.
  8. Relearn how to ride a 2-wheeler (my daughter could do this last summer but is now scared).
  9. Play with summer beach friends.
  10. Catch fireflies.
  11. Make s’mores.
  12. Eat dinner on the deck.
  13. Complete all the summer reading (as quickly as possible – not because it’s a “race” but because there’s so much the kids want to read!).
  14. Catch hermit crabs.
  15. Go to the movies (yes, they really want to do this in the summer).

Toddler swimming in the pool

15 Things to Do in the Summer…According to Mom

  1. Go to the beach as often as possible.
  2. Take in the moment of putting my toes in the sand. Not just physically doing so, but enjoying the feeling, the moment, the sounds and the warmth.
  3. Cherish the little things – the smell of fresh cut grass, the beauty of just bloomed hydrangeas, the calming effect of crashing waves, the warmth of the sun penetrating my skin, driving with my windows down, having a meal outside and not needing a sweater, etc.
  4. Enjoy swimming, without holding a child, for more than a few minutes.
  5. Eat ice cream without any guilt, once.
  6. Go on a boat ride, perhaps a small boat, a sailboat, a ferry, doesn’t matter as long as I’m on the ocean and the wind is rustling up my hair.
  7. Do something, anything, with my kids that I haven’t done every summer in the past (and since we basically live at the beach, this one shouldn’t be too hard).
  8. Plan my 10th year anniversary trip. Nantucket perhaps?
  9. Get into the habit of riding my new bike with “some” regularity (it will help justify what I spent on it!).
  10. Catch up on putting photos in albums (I’m only behind two years — that’s not too bad, right?)
  11. Discover three new summer recipes that the whole family loves.
  12. Go into Boston one night for dinner with the kids and walk around. Perhaps the North End and/or Faneuil Hall. We never seem to make time to do that!
  13. Take more walks after dinner.
  14. Visit Story Land. After all, in another few years the kids will outgrow this park.
  15. With the exception of my guilty pleasure of watching Big Brother, TV in the summer is blah. So… read a couple books. Any suggestions? Last summer I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and The Hunger Games trilogy.




  1. Laura Decker January 27, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    We do a lot of fun things together as a family in the summer, filled with day trips, and even taking the kids on family vacations now that our youngest is old enough to enjoy the trip. But, as a family, we like to do a ‘Family Fun Night’ every Friday. It’s a simple way to take time out of our busy day to reconnect and build even stronger family bonds. Our kids love it as much as we do. We play games together, watch a movie while snuggled in a homemade tent, or read stories. We’ve watched old family videos of Nana and Papa growing up, and of our kids as well, which they really enjoy. But, it’s tough to think of new things for each Friday. Are there any suggestions?

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