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5 Things I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant

5 Things I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant

As I enter the final few weeks of pregnancy, I become more excited every day to meet the person who’s been living inside me for the past eight months. And while I can’t wait for that day to come, I’m also starting to think more and more about what I’ll miss about being pregnant. Pregnancy can be a wild ride, but it’s such a special time. There is an actual life growing inside of you. This obviously causes some not-so-desirable moments, but it also graces you with some of the most special moments you’ll experience in your whole life. For me, here are the five things I’ll miss about being pregnant.

Pregnancy: 5 Things I’ll Miss Most

Pregnant mom-to-be1. Feeling the baby move. There really is nothing else like it. It’s your first insight into your baby’s personality and routine. Never before has the sight of my stomach provided endless hours of entertainment as it does now. I even find it difficult to watch TV when the baby moves, because I would rather watch my stomach be contorted in different ways by my child. I’m sure that watching my baby move around outside of the womb is even more exciting, but feeling and seeing those kicks, somersaults and hiccups has probably been my favorite part of my pregnancy.

2. Naps. When else in your life can you feel perfectly content with napping on a regular basis? Pre-pregnancy I would feel guilty for taking a snooze on a beautiful Saturday afternoon or in the early evening after work. Now? Now, I say if I’m feeling tired, I need a nap. I drift off to dreamland guilt free and tell myself I’m doing it for the baby. I might as well sleep while I still can, right?

3. Special treatment. The pregnant belly actually encourages complete strangers to be unnecessarily nice to you. They give up their seat for you on the train. They hold doors open for you. They cheerily ask you when you’re due. People just have this innate instinct to be kind and helpful when it comes to pregnant women. Unfortunately, I didn’t look obviously pregnant (instead of looking like I had overindulged on pizza and donuts) until about 30 weeks, and consequently I feel like my “special treatment” time is being cut short. So, I plan on really soaking it all in over the next few weeks.

4. Guilt-free calories. I’ve heard it said that pregnant women actually only need an extra 300 calories per day. And I believe that, but I’m not about to deny myself food if I’m feeling hungry. I do have another human life depending on my food intake, after all! It’s actually amazing to see other people make excuses for you to eat more food when they know you’re pregnant. Extra cupcake on the tray? Give it to the pregnant lady. A leftover piece of pizza in the box? The pregnant lady and her growing baby need it. This actually requires exercising some self control (and exercise itself!), because eating all of the leftover cupcakes and pizza isn’t the answer. But it is nice to be able to indulge occasionally free of guilt and judgment from anyone else.

5.  The anticipation. There is so much of it. And not knowing the sex of the baby keeps it especially interesting right up until the very end. Will we have a son or a daughter? What will he or she look like? What will it feel like to hold my newborn baby for the first time? What does a mother’s love feel like? What will our child’s likes and dislikes be? There are so many things that I don’t know about my baby and what it will be like to be a mother, and it’s so exciting to think about all of the wonderful things the future holds.

While I certainly will miss all of these things, I have to imagine that actually having the baby here will be even better than any polite stranger or extra cupcake could ever be. For the next few weeks, though, I’ll continue to relish in my favorite parts of pregnancy – with the anticipation of what’s to come definitely being at the forefront.

Pregnant mom and friends at baby shower


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