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A Day Off

Usually when there is a day off from school and child care but the office isn’t closed, I try to multi-task and work a little and play a little. But yesterday, I didn’t log into email, I didn’t work on any projects (well, for work) and I just spent the day with my boys.

After breakfast, they worked on a project and I worked on one of my own:

I scored matching beds for Ben's room for $20 each. Just needed to be cleaned up a bit.

Using teamwork to complete the USA floor puzzle


Then there was a little upstairs, library book train, reading time.

I forgot to take pictures, or I was too busy cleaning up flour from the floor but we made blueberry muffins.

After lunch we trashed the basement:

Every toy was used. Every. toy.

By some miracle, when I announced that it was time to clean up…they did. Each one chose something to clean, then moved on to something else when they were finished. That has never happened. Ever.

So, we moved upstairs to watch the Inauguration Parade and do a puzzle together.

By then everyone was ready for a rest, so we made popcorn and settled in to watch Charlotte’s Web.

When my husband came home, I was making dinner so he went and checked on the boys upstairs. This is what he found:

Clearly a good day had by all.

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