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A Father’s Day Interview with a Dad-to-Be

A Father’s Day Interview with a Dad-to-Be

In celebration of Father’s Day, I interviewed my husband and first time dad-to-be about our pregnancy so far and his expectations and hopes in becoming a dad and experiencing fatherhood for the first time.

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What has been your favorite part of the pregnancy so far?

One of my favorite parts has been seeing the baby on the ultrasound and seeing it move around. For me, it makes me feel like more a part of the pregnancy. It’s one of those moments you have where you and your wife can see what’s going on together. It’s a special moment between us that I’ll never forget; especially the first time that we went and we could see the baby’s hands and feet and we were able to bring that picture home and put it on the mantel. It’s just a special moment that everyone can enjoy. And then my second favorite thing is watching you change (not in a bad way!). I know that you’re pregnant when you watch movies and get emotional. There are just little tell-tale signs, and I can tell that it’s the baby. It’s not you. And it’s fun to watch, because as a guy you don’t experience that. You feel the nervousness and excitement but you don’t feel the emotions like the woman does. As a guy, you just want to be able to support each and every moment, but you don’t know what to expect. Lastly, I’d say my other favorite part is that we’re having a baby and we’re creating a family at the same time. It makes everything so official. This is the first big event in our lives that’s going to really impact us and our relationship. There are some really exciting things on the horizon.

What has been your least favorite part of the pregnancy so far?

I think my least favorite part of the pregnancy is worrying about the baby’s health and safety. With the internet, you have all of this information at your fingertips – people telling you ‘do this’, ‘don’t do this’. Sometimes that can get in the way of just enjoying the pregnancy and focusing on your partner’s needs for a healthy baby. Everyone gives advice all the time, which is great, but it can be overwhelming and cause you to worry a lot about the baby being healthy. There are just all of these things that you can’t really control to a certain degree.

What do you want to pack for yourself in the hospital bag?

Probably the baby book – not that I’ll get a chance to read it or anything. Also some clothes, some eye drops and some snacks. (It sounds like someone may need to pack his own bag…)

On a scale from 1-10, how prepared do you feel for the baby’s arrival (10 being the most prepared)?

I’m going to say 6. No matter how many books you read and how much research you do, I don’t think you can really understand something like this until you experience it.

What are you going to be most worried about if the baby is a girl?

Having only had all brothers and no sisters, I don’t have any experience watching after girls or knowing how they handle discipline – it’s much different than boys. And since I have three younger brothers, it’s easier to deal with boys. I understand their feelings and emotions better. I want to be the best dad I can be, and it’s going to be hard to discipline a little girl not knowing how she’s going to react to certain situations.

What are you going to be most worried about if the baby is a boy?

Having those father/son chats during the teenage years…

What are you most looking forward to about becoming a dad?

It’s almost as if this baby is a symbol of us starting our lives together. You look forward to this your whole life. As you get older, you start to realize what’s most important in life. And having a child and family is what I’ve looked forward to since we started becoming serious in our relationship. It’s what I really want in life. And seeing something that we created that has a combination of our personalities and traits is the most exciting thing a human can experience – putting two people together to make something that’s just like you. It’s pretty special.

What are you most nervous about in becoming a dad?

I think just not having the experience to rely on, and because it’s the first child you don’t know what to expect. And as much as you can prepare yourself with books and classes, you still haven’t experienced anything like this before. You can plan for everything, but it doesn’t mean that you’re actually prepared for how this is going to impact your life and marriage.

If you could choose one trait of yours to pass along to the baby, what would it be?

It has to be my good looks… All joking aside, I would say my desire to always want more and to improve myself in all situations. You should always try to make yourself a better person every single day.

If you could choose one trait of mine to pass along to the baby, what would it be?

Your height! In all seriousness, your heart. You’re just a very happy person, and you have a very positive outlook on life. You see the good in everything in every situation, and I definitely want our children to get that trait.

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