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A “Helping of Giving” this Thanksgiving

A “Helping of Giving” this Thanksgiving

I was struggling with what to write for my next post, and then I got an alert for this article in the Boston Globe about our Bright Horizons’ volunteer efforts along the border, and I realized this could be it. Back in June, I, like so many, was devastated and feeling helpless when I heard about families along the border being separated. As a new mom, this really hit home.

I read to my son every night. One night, when reading “Are You My Mother?” (normally a lighthearted book) I had to put it down, because I started to cry. The story made me think of the innocent babies who did not have their mothers or fathers to read them a bedtime story or rock them to sleep. It was too much.

While this news was really upsetting, I also had the normal mental load that weighs on me. My son had just started going to our on-site work center, we were dealing with teething woes, and we decided to sell our house! Even with these added stresses and the responsibilities of my day-to-day, I couldn’t get the images of lonely children and heartbroken parents out of my mind.

Then everything changed. It was a Friday afternoon. I got a phone call—our company would be helping families along the border. There was my opportunity to do something for the mothers and families that had been weighing so heavily on my heart.

Heading into Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on this experience. While I am like most working parents struggling to find any kind of balance, this project made me step back for a minute to be grateful for everything that I have—from my family to my support system to my job.  



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