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A Valentine’s Day Gift for Daughters and Dads

A Valentine’s Day Gift for Daughters and Dads

My daughter’s 7th birthday was last week. We had our family’s traditional “cupcakes for breakfast” celebration in the morning and finished the evening with her favorite dinner, chicken tikka masala, and gifts. She had asked for an American Girl doll, which we got for her. And along with it she received some doll clothes from my mom and fairy Shrinky Dinks from her brother. She’ll be showered with more gifts from her friends at her party this weekend.

But the biggest gift of all is one she doesn’t know she got. I gave it to her Dad on his daughter’s birthday, but you can send it to your husband, partner, ex, or whomever, and it makes a great Valentine’s gift for all girls. It’s this amazing post on Huff Post called What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew. The title is a bit of a misnomer, because little girls don’t really know they want their dads to know these things. Things like “How you love me is how I will love myself” and “Teach me a love of art, science, and nature, and I will learn that intellect matters more than dress size” and “If you demonstrate tenderness, I learn to embrace my own vulnerability rather than fear it.” But their moms do. Not every dad needs every lesson in this post, but I can’t imagine there isn’t a father out there who couldn’t use some of them.

They are lessons on love. How a father loves his daughter, how he expresses it, shares it and nurtures it may make a bigger impact on her than how much he loves her, by itself, ever can. And that’s a Valentine’s gift that will last a lifetime.


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