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A Working Mom’s List for Giving Thanks

A Working Mom’s List for Giving Thanks

This is the time of year when we all reflect on what we’re thankful for. And like everyone, I am, of course, thankful for the big things: two happy, healthy kids, friends and family, a roof over heads and a comfortable enough life. I think all of us who are fortunate enough to count these among the treasures in our cornucopia would agree they are at the top of “thankful” list. And then, like everyone else, there are all the little things I’m thankful for: Thankful that I only cut myself slightly, requiring no stitches, when doing Thanksgiving prep last night; that my kids handled the disappointment of a cancelled reunion with their cousins like champs; and thankful that on that same day, Santa ended up being at the mall we went to instead – with no lines and no waiting.

But when I think long and hard about it, it’s all the medium stuff that really makes the hugest difference in my life. It’s stuff that I am truly fortunate to have and, by and large, it’s the stuff that makes my life as a working mom workable. So here it is. The things this working mom is grateful for this Thanksgiving…

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Working Mother: What I’m Thankful For

1. A pretty darn good after-school program for my first-grader that is in the school (no transportation required), automatically covers all those pesky “early release” days, and offers lots of good enrichment programs (like karate, piano lessons and theater).

2. A great child care center with terrific teachers that is now open until 6:30 pm! Even though I don’t need to pick up that late most nights, just knowing I can gives our family a ton of flexibility and reduces stress and anxiety by a major factor.

3. A job, workplace, and the stage in my career where I have pretty good flexibility to take off when I need to, work from home when I have to, and where I can be honest and open about my family obligations.

4. A team at work that is talented, hard working, and covers for each other.

5. A husband who does the heavy lifting (literally) at home, knows when to call the plumber, or electrician or tree doctor, and when he can do it himself.

6. And last, but not least, online shopping for the holidays and all year-round.

Fellow working moms – what’s on your lists?


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