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Activity Ideas for a Day at Grandma & Grandpa’s House

Activity Ideas for a Day at Grandma & Grandpa’s House

Although I did sign my daughter up for a few weeks of camp this summer, she also spent a lot of time at my parents’ house. I figured it would be a good balance and save me a bit of money as well!  Being their first grandchild, they have always spoiled her with a ton of new toys to keep at their house over the years. Now that she’s older, however, sitting and playing independently doesn’t always cut it! My mother is very creative, so always finds ways to keep my energetic six-year-old entertained! I asked my daughter what she enjoys doing most at Grammy & Papa’s house. Here’s what she came up with:


  1. Playing outside. My parents have a pool, but when there isn’t always someone to go in with her, she loves running through the sprinkler! Take a walk to a local park, have a picnic or just enjoy some fresh air!
  1. Baking cookies. Sugar cookies are her favorite. They roll out the dough and use fun cookie cutters to make different shapes. Plus, eating sweets at grandma & grandpa’s house seems to be a “golden rule”!
  1. Small projects. Bring some activities from home that you know your child will enjoy. Legos or boxed arts & craft projects are always good. Also, don’t underestimate the power of some colored paper, crayons, and random art supplies!
  1. Summer reading. For summer reading, my daughter was able to choose whichever books she wanted to read. Go to the library and pick out new books so your child always has options.
  1. A scavenger hunt. A good old fashioned scavenger hunt while outdoors for a refreshing walk or stuck inside on a rainy day makes for a fun afternoon! Make a list of items, colors, or anything else you can think of and your child can check each item off once they find it. You can even offer a prize for finding all of the items.
  1. Making a story book. Fold a few pieces of paper in half and staple along the fold. Come up with a story together and your child can write and illustrate. Depending on your child’s age, Grandma or Grandpa may need to help write the story.

Did you know that September 10th is National Grandparents Day 2017? What fun family activities will you be doing together?


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