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Advice to the Mom-to-Mom Editor

Our Mom-to-Mom blog editor is about to become a Mom! Today is her due date and her last day before maternity leave to remind us bloggers to get our posts in, send her our best ideas for Friday links and fix our little errors along the way. Now, all moms and moms-to-be get a lot of unsolicited advice. But imagine being the editor of a mom blog, with half a dozen moms who have a dozen kids among them, and who dole out advice, share pain points and seek empathy from fellow moms every day. This poor woman has more than enough moms telling her when to get the epidural, what bottles to use, which breast pump to buy and how to fit a shower into her day, and that’s all before she gets home to listen to her own mother, her mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friends, relatives, and the many strangers who never shy away from letting a nine-month pregnant woman know what’s best for them. I will flat out admit that I’m the worst offender. So I offer to her, and to all of you, this article from Parenting Magazine. It will help her, and you, deal with annoying, unsolicited and unwanted parenting advice.

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