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After Paris: “It Can Never Be Good Again”

After Paris: “It Can Never Be Good Again”

Today’s post is by Lisa Oppenhemier, writer, blogger and mother to two grown daughters.

It was Friday afternoon after news of Paris started trickling out, and my phone started buzzing. It was my grown, saddened daughter wondering what it all meant.

“It can never be good again,” she said sadly, the “it” being the life the world had known to this point.

My daughters were 8 and 10 on September 11. We were living on the outskirts of Boston and as families around the world were doing that night – as they did again this past Friday night – we were huddled together grieving the people who were lost, trying to figure out what it all meant.

After the girls had gone to sleep that long-ago night, I sat on my bed with tears flowing down my face feeling sure my daughters would never know joy again, but writing hopefully in my journal for them to read some day in the future. On Friday, I read my now grown daughter what I wrote.

“The events will be remembered by your generation as the Kennedy assassination was remembered by my parents…or as Pearl Harbor was recalled by their parents. I look to those events – occurrences people thought would end the world – and remember that they didn’t. I fear that the world will be different from this point, forever changed. And I guess I don’t know what those changes will bring. But on this historical moment, when it feels like the world must be ending, I just wanted to share the atmosphere and remind you both…that should a defining moment such as this occur for your generation, you’ll get through it, too.”

The world has changed since then. And every time one of these awful events occurs, it changes a little more. And there are no words for the families who have lost so much.

But like our parents before us…and their parents before them…and every generation before…

Somehow…the world finds a way.

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Lisa Oppenheimer Bright Horizons loggerWriter and blogger Lisa Oppenheimer has spent a career chronicling the travels, challenges, and delightful messiness of fitting together work, life, and parenting. The mother of two grown daughters, she currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two cats, and endless homeowner responsibilities.

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