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Appreciating Grandparents on Grandparents Day

Appreciating Grandparents on Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day always sneaks up on me (it’s September 9 this year!). Perhaps because it’s not on a standard calendar or perhaps because during the six weeks surrounding the holiday, I have 17 family birthdays/anniversaries to remember. Whatever the reason, I always seem to forget the date, only to regret it later. One year that regret stayed with me into the spring when I was inspired to have my daughter randomly create a heart on canvas for her grandparents – a well-received gift, I might add, if you’re looking for something creative to do this year.

Grandparents Day Heart Project

Grandparents Day Heart Art Project

The main reason I regret it so much each year is because I’m very fortunate to have some wonderful grandparents in mine and my children’s lives. So this is a thank you – a HUGE thank you – to the grandparents (and great grandparents) who time and time again are there for me, my husband and my children.

My Messages of Thanks on Grandparents Day

G.G./Grandma (G.G. = Great Grandma to my kids):  Thank you for remembering every important date/event in my life. Every birthday, every performance, every doctor’s appointment (even the silly weight check appointments when I’m pregnant). You have an incredible memory like no one else I know and while it can sometimes drive me crazy (like when you remember 10 years later that I forgot to call on a certain date) it amazes me that you remember those moments and ALWAYS ask about them. I love you for that. I love you for how much you adore my children. I love that while you don’t see them often (my fault, not yours) the moments you see them can bring a smile to your face and a story to be shared for weeks, months to come. I love that when my kids loose a tooth, you give them a dollar (and they love that too!). I love that you remember every event/date in their lives, just as you did with me.  I love how much joy my children bring to you over and over and over again, even if sometimes they forget to even say hi during family parties. I love that you are still with us so they can know how special you are. Thank you. Thank you for appreciating their life so much and cherishing mine as well.

Dad/Grampy:  Thank you for your endless energy. For flipping my kids over your head countless times. For always having bubble gum available in your glove compartment. For letting my husband and I sleep in on the weekends in the summer (seriously, thank you!). For letting the kids make eggs and pancakes with you (and always having a stash of bacon or sausage for them). For giving up your TV news shows to watch countless cartoons. For playing hide and seek, even if it’s really early in the morning! Thank you for catching live crabs for my son because it lights up his weekend and thank you for letting him gobble all your crabs before you barely get a nibble. Thank you for always being willing to snuggle (even if they aren’t always willing… just being there is what counts). Thank you for hitching up your bike with the cart and bringing them around the neighborhood AND stopping at the “routine” spots, ALL of them. Thank you for loving my kids despite the meltdowns and crying fits you get to see during their extended visits. Thank you for welcoming them into your arms or letting them run right by you and knowing either way, they love and adore you. And know that I do too.

Gramma and Grampa: Thank you would never be enough. In fact, I’m at a loss for words – that almost never happens, as you know. Thank you for bailing me out countless times to watch the kids whether because the babysitter cancels, or a child gets sick during the work week or just because you want to save us from paying a sitter. Thank you, thank you, thank you now more than ever since Maddie is off to Kindergarten and more and more events say “leave the siblings at home.” Thank you not only for rescuing me, but for also making these moments with your grandson extra special for him. Thank you for taking the time to enthusiastically listen to their phone calls – whether they are telling you about a missing tooth, singing you a song or mumbling the latest and greatest of their life as a child. Thank you for baking cookies with them, saving all the old school Fisher Price toys for them to play with at your house, having coloring projects readily available as well as child friendly snacks just in case they show up unexpectedly.

Remember that time I called you saying I couldn’t find an Easter dress and that I gave up? Remember how you showed up at my door with three options (even though we lived over 30 minutes away and it took you several stores to find the options)? Thank you. When I went into labor with your grandson, remember how you sat by the phone waiting for the call so you could stay with your granddaughter? Remember how he was born in the middle of the night and you came here to take care of her? Thank you. Oh and thank you for all the food you prepared for us so we could not think about dinner for a bit (with both births in fact). Thank you for making every single family member’s birthday (yours, your children or their spouses) special by motivating us to get together to celebrate. Even though it seems like a lot of work when it’s someone else’s birthday, we ALWAYS appreciate it when it’s our own. Thank you for constantly reminding me how fun it can be for you to share these stories and pictures with your dynamic, inspiring, loving group of friends… it’s a wonderful reminder of how important good friends can be. Thank you for the fabulous Easter egg hunts, Christmas morning spectaculars and turkey feasts.  Thank you for letting us crash your Christmas Eve parties time and time again and forgiving us for doing so. Thank-you for inviting our kids to swim at the hotel pool on YOUR vacation and watching them so we can go out to a nice kid free dinner. Thank you for always taking my call when you can (or calling me back when you can’t). Thank you for being a sounding board, a friend, a wonderful person who inspires me to be a better person, a better friend and a better grandma when the time comes. Thank you for being there, absolutely, whenever anyone of us needs you.

You see, grandparents are so special, really special. Unique in their own way with strengths that only years of experience can build. I’m fortunate my children have some amazing grandparents and for them, I am thankful. Be sure to tell the grandparents in your lives what makes them so special, on Grandparents Day if you can remember or any other time throughout the year.


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