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April School Vacation “Staycation” Week

April School Vacation “Staycation” Week

Staycation: A term coined back in 2005 by Webster’s Dictionary to describe a vacation spent at home or nearby. This year, with April school vacation week falling just three weeks after our recent family trip to Walt Disney World, our week was spent in staycation mode. Unfortunately, without a flurry of family members available to watch our kids during the work week, my husband and I had to fend for ourselves. And truthfully, as working parents, you kind of sign-up for this gig. But when reality hits, and you need child care coverage, it’s not easy.

Staycation began for my kids on the Friday before April vacation. They had an early-release day and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough! We tried to arrange care for that day, but when we were unable to, my husband and I planned to tag team. That is until my “light” afternoon turned into five hours of conference calls. We’ve all had those days you think are going to be light and then turn into disasters. And it was a disaster. My daughter was eager to start her vacation and therefore followed me around the house begging for a playdate. It was then and there that I quickly realized I needed a plan to make the next week less stressful. With some planning and a few vacation days thrown into the mix, we survived. Here’s how our staycation week went.

Mother and son at baseball

“Staycation” April School Vacation Week

Monday: Take the Day Off for the Boston Marathon
Incredibly fun. We live in Hopkinton, the start of the Boston Marathon. After attending the Marathon (yes, we lasted through the rain!), we went over to a friend’s house for most of the day for a cook “out”. My husband left early to head to NYC for work, but I stuck around and socialized while my kids were entertained by a ton of neighborhood kids.

Boston Marathon in Hopkinton

Tuesday: Hire a Babysitter
The sitter worked out great! She took the kids bowling which took up much of the day. When they returned, the sitter made lunch and cleaned up. Score! They spent much of the afternoon outside playing. My son had baseball practice that night and I took the kids out for pizza afterwards.

Wednesday: Arrange for Playdates
Those playdates were life savers. Honestly, there were moments I wondered if I even had kids in the house. The kids were either outside or playing in their rooms. I think only once did a child even come into my office. Talk about a miracle! That night we met a friend at a playground and headed to dinner. Everyone was happy.

Thursday: Take Your Child to Work Day
Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day at my office. My daughter has been counting down to her eligibility for years. She finally hit that age 8 milestone. While my 5-year old son couldn’t participate in the all the festivities, he came along too. My daughter received the royal treatment experience which included getting a manicure by the special manicurist who comes into our office once a week. Between that, pizza for lunch, playing a basketball arcade game, vending machines and goodie bags at the end, she wants to go to “work” full-time. Because it was school vacation week, we also flew into the office in record time and got an awesome parking spot. And another bonus? My son, who spent most the day with me, met another boy his age who also was too young to participate in the program. They totally hit it off and had a great time together!

Bring Your Kids to Work Day at Office

Friday: Take the Day Off
Late Thursday night, we headed to the Cape. Friday was fabulous! My kids quickly found their “summer friends” in the neighborhood and played for most of the day. We didn’t plan to just hang out at the house but it was a welcomed treat. At about 2:00 p.m. we went to Herring Run to watch the fish return to the pond for mating season. Amazing experience! We ended the night having dinner with my parents and dipping our toes in the sand – for seconds. It was really cold sand!

Saturday & Sunday
We headed back home for our first softball games of the season, followed by our town’s Little League parade. By the end of the weekend, the kids were exhausted and tucked snug in their beds. Then it was back to the grind on Monday morning, but also back to school.

Baseball/Softball Town Parade

Overall, it was a very successful school vacation “staycation” week. And the end of April vacation means that summer is right around the corner…


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