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Art-Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Art-Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Seven. How did that happen? It doesn’t exactly seem like yesterday that she was a tiny baby curled up in my arms, but seven? I certainly can’t believe she’s been my baby for seven years. This year’s theme was an art party, really by default since the location for her birthday was an art studio. My favorite part of all the theme-oriented things was the invitation. It was in the shape of a paint palette complete with a paint brush (thanks Pinterest!). We carried the paint palette concept throughout the whole weekend.

Her first of three birthday celebrations kicked off on Friday morning with her room filled with helium balloons. Thanks to a childhood friend’s suggestion, I bought a helium tank and blew up balloons the night before. It’s amazing the loud thud a couple dozen balloons create as they hit the ceiling in the middle of the night. The birthday girls request for breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles (what a healthy tradition I started with that one!). For dinner, we visited her favorite birthday restaurant, Bugaboo Creek, where the draw is that she gets to kiss or hug a life size moose head at the end of her meal.

7th birthday celebrations

On Saturday, we had birthday number two with 27 of our 32 local family members. We kept the arts and crafts simple. I covered the dining room table with butcher block paper and provided crayons for the kids to decorate and draw with and also cut scratch paper down to bookmark size so kids of all ages could make bookmarks. What was my youngest sister expecting? My youngest sister was a little disappointed –  the day before she suggested paint and shaving cream and a tub of water to rinse hands off in. Sorry! I’m crazy, but not that crazy.

With 14 kids ranging from 1-14 years old, favors were not as difficult as in past years. The older kids received sketch pads or journals with colored pencils, candy and a homemade paint palette cookie while the younger kids received crayons and coloring pages with candy and a cookie. Sticking with a rainbow color theme, the house was decorated with various colored tissue paper balls and the gift bags were also bursting with color.

On Sunday, it was off to the local arts & crafts studio. Still in the mode of inviting all the girls from her class AND still remaining close with friends from kindergarten, this location was perfect to accommodate all 18 kids. Turns out there must not be too much going on in November because all but one child was able to make it. My daughter was THRILLED! Once at the studio, the kids all signed their names on a t-shirt and put on their child-sized aprons. The kids painted t-shirts and bags for a new stuffed animal of their choice. Plus they spent the later part of the party actually stuffing the animal. In addition, this particular studio had a mining trough where the girls (and one little brother) were able to sift through sand for much-treasured rocks. Both of these activities made the goodie bags a cinch – their rocks, animal and a cookie….done.

And then it was Sunday night. I don’t even really remember having a weekend but I do remember lots of singing “happy birthday” along with lots of fun and tons of laughter. Just as any birthday weekend should be.

brother and sister at art studio

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