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Awaiting Baby: Being on the Brink of a Major Life Change

Awaiting Baby: Being on the Brink of a Major Life Change

Today’s post was written by Amy Mongeau, a Bright Horizons employee and expectant mom:

My husband and I have been fluctuating wildly between excitement, disbelief, terror, anxiety and a weird sense of calm for the duration of my pregnancy. I’m pretty sure these are the standard stages of coming to grips with the fact that your life is about to change in such a huge, permanent way… without really having any idea of what to expect. When I found out I was pregnant, we were both shocked. More specifically, I was shocked and he was THRILLED! This turned into terror for me, followed by anxiety as my body started to change and some of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy took hold (I’m looking at you, heartburn/back ache/swollen ankles). Husband stayed thrilled for about eight months and now that we’re hitting crunch time… we’re both in a weird state of calm. Needless to say, it’s been a roller coaster!

Awaiting Baby & Anticipating the Start of Our Next Chapter

Most days I feel ready. I’ve finally figured out how to dress myself with my growing belly, our nursery is set up and I feel sufficiently nested, we’ve been showered by loved ones, and the car seat bases are installed in our back seats. We’ve got a name picked out, my hospital bag is (almost) packed, and our pediatrician has been selected. So. Now what? Now we sit back, elevate our feet, and wait for this impending life change to happen. The busy work is done. We’re plugging along, going to work every day, cooking dinner every night. All the while wondering what’s next.

Awaiting Baby - Amy shows off her baby bump

Even stranger, it feels totally normal but also absurd that I am still coming to work every day. Totally normal in the sense that I enjoy working and I’m not sure what the heck else I’d be doing all day if I weren’t coming in. But also absurd that I’m on the brink of this major change and I’m here. At work. Thinking about things that don’t have to do with babies. Surely I should be home mentally prepping for labor or reading parenting books or something. But, here I am, planning to work until baby arrives.

It’s also bizarre to plan for a maternity leave – when in my life have I had 12 weeks off from work? I’m scared that my intern replacement for the summer will be such a rock star that my boss will be like, “Actually, we’re going to stick with Rock Star Intern. She’s dropping out of college and is going to take your job. Good luck raising your baby!” I’m also scared that when those 12 weeks off are winding down that I’m going to be a miserable, nervous wreck about coming back to work. That I’ll be so attached to this little person (whom I haven’t even met yet) who has solely depended on me and my husband for the last three months that I can’t even imagine returning to my old work life.

But, just like all of this weird roller coaster of pregnancy and motherhood, I am strapped in, taking the ride and the twists and turns as they come because… what else would I do?

Stay tuned! Eight (ish) days and counting…

Amy blogger photoHi! I’m Amy. I work for Bright Horizons on our Recruitment Operations team, and I’m about to become a first time mom to a baby boy. My husband and I live with our kitty in a fixer upper house that we’ve (finally) finished fixing up. I enjoy all things comedy, DIY, food, gardening and binge watching TV shows. I’m so excited for the chance to share some of my experiences with you as I navigate the end of my pregnancy (whew!) and start the next chapter of my life as a new mom (eek!).


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