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10 Baby Items You Don’t Need

10 Baby Items You Don’t Need

A few months back, the Family Room bloggers shared recommendations for less common baby products that new parents should register for – products that they themselves loved! Today, we’re tackling the opposite subject: Baby products that new parents might NOT actually need. Of course, each family is different, but these are the baby products that our bloggers found out they didn’t actually need or use when they were first-time parents.

Mother and baby

Baby Products NOT to Register For

Media Mom: Every baby is different and one person’s “must have” item is another person’s junk when it comes to baby gear. But that being said, I’d avoid asking for a wipes warmer, bottle sanitizer…or too much of anything before you know what your baby likes or needs. For example, I had plenty of sleep sacks that went unused with my daughter, but we used a million “swaddle me” blankets. For other people, it’s the opposite.

Mary: A timer that tells you when it’s time to nurse. Not needed!

Kate: A bumbo seat. Seemed to be a must-have at the time and maybe others had different experiences, but I found the thing to be totally useless (and still somehow ended up with two of them).

Amy: Baby swing – borrow it from a friend if possible. Diaper pail – I always found these smelled worse than putting the diapers in the regular trash and the refill bags are expensive. Blankets – it’s not that you won’t need blankets but definitely don’t put them on your registry (aside from the one that goes with your crib set). Tons of people are going to get you these anyway and you WILL end up with more than you’ll ever need.

Lisa: Bottles and nipples. You won’t know what your baby will like to drink from until you actually have them in your arms. Buying those supplies ahead of time might be a complete waste. We registered for a full set of beautiful glass bottles that never ended up being used!

Jessie: Gigantic bottles of baby soap/shampoo. It took us awhile to go through a normal size. Also, hangers. I did not need as many baby hangers as I received.

Allison: I registered for a diaper disposal system and never used it. Changing out the bags was too much work, so I always just put my daughter’s dirty diapers in a plastic bag and in the trash outside. I also didn’t use a bottle warmer – a bowl of hot water did the job perfectly fine. 

Other experienced parents: What would you include on your list of baby items NOT to register for? Was there a baby gift you received that was really not as useful as you’d anticipated?


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  1. Claudia Strange August 24, 2016 at 10:47 am

    burp cloths. those little things are useless. I found 3 or 4 cloth diapers to be much more useful for spit-up, burping sessions, absorbing drool, running noses, etc.

    I had tubes and tubes and tubes of diaper rash cream in every variety. At the end of the day, the only things I needed were triple paste and a good anti-fungal (for the yeast rashes disguised as diaper rashes).

    Portable bottle warmer (for the car, what was i thinking?) completely unused.

    Bottle warmers in general, take way too long when a screaming baby wants a bottle RIGHT NOW. i would just place a bottle under running hot water in the sink. Done.

    Nursing pillows. While I loved my “breast friend/boppy” pillows for sleeping while pregnant, my lactation nurse outfitted my first feeding with a couple of regular pillows. It was so much easier to maneuver and customize to my baby’s size and needs.

    SHOES — do not buy shoes. shoes for a baby, unless your LO is sitting for a family portrait, are pointless. you’ll spend more time looking for the lost one that your LO will spend wearing it.

    Baby Bath towels with hoodies. Cute as they are, completely unnecessary. Regular towels work just as well and do you really need a whole new stack of towels that they use for approximately 30 seconds every other night?

    On the same topic: Baby Bath robes: um, no. they won’t want to wear it and they’ll scream at you for trying to put it on.

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