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#SocialParenting: Baby Names – Did You Share?

#SocialParenting: Baby Names – Did You Share?

“Did you share baby names or keep them secret until your child was born? Afterward, did you wish you had done the opposite? I’m scared to share our names and hear criticism! But at the same time, I love the names and am excited to tell everyone…” – JennyMackay, Bright Horizons Online Community

Before your child was born, did you include others in the name selection process? Did you share your chosen baby name(s) or keep it a surprise until the baby arrived? Every family handles this early universal task of parenting differently! Our bloggers recently discussed what was going through their minds as they decided to share their children’s names…or not!

Newborn baby Zoe

Baby Names: To Share Or Not To Share

Kris-Ann, Progressive Mom: We didn’t share. Honestly, we didn’t want to hear the comments but mostly we did it because it helped us build even more excitement. It was fun to have a secret just between me and my husband until the babies were born.

Mary, Organized Mom: Not with the first one! Once she was born, my sister-in-law told us that was the name she was going to give her third child. Thank goodness we didn’t tell. We wouldn’t have used that name if we knew that ahead of time and in the end she didn’t have a third child anyway! With our second we reluctantly told some of our friends. I was pregnant at the same time as one of our friends. At a party, she shared that they were naming their son Will. We had no plans to tell anyone, but that night we told her because we didn’t want her thinking we “stole” the name from her. It was a little strange at first, but unlike before we all started having kids, we only see them once or twice a year now so I’m glad we stuck with the name we originally picked.

Media Mom: We didn’t even decide on a name for my daughter until I was in labor – so no, we didn’t share! But we also didn’t share my son’s name. In part, I think we never considered any decision permanent until the baby was actually born, and in part it’s just superstition. I don’t like to share and I don’t like to know. That said, I LOVED the process of talking to my friends and sisters about possible names and getting suggestions.

Kate, Progressive Mom: We did and I kind of wish we hadn’t. We didn’t find out Liam’s gender and had our boy and girl name picked out way in advance of even getting pregnant so we shared when people asked. Overall, it was fine but we did have one or two people question our choice in a way I doubt anyone would (at least to our face) once Liam was born. My best advice for handling these kinds of questions (i.e. Are you going to find out the gender? Do you have names? Etc., etc., etc.) is to get an answer worked out – even if it’s a bit vague – before you tell anyone you’re pregnant. It’s amazing how fast people start asking these questions and it’s really easy to get caught off guard and share more than you wanted because you weren’t ready with a public answer.

Amy, Nourish Mom: We didn’t share our baby names mostly due to the fact that we didn’t know ourselves. In fact, we named both kids in the delivery room after each was born. For both, we chose to not find out the gender ahead of time. This was challenging for us because we had to pick out options for both genders. Prior to the delivery date, we narrowed it down to two girl names and two boys names and then decided in the delivery room which one fit. Luckily, my husband and I agreed both times.

Lisa: We did share what we were naming our daughter, but didn’t broadcast it either. The last thing I needed to hear from someone was, “Oh, that was the name of my childhood bully.” But for those who asked, we shared.

Jessie: With our first, we were so excited and had the name selected before we knew it was a girl or a boy so we were very vocal about it. With our second, we will not be sharing the name so we can keep some level of excitement and anticipation for others.

Heather: Nine years later I can’t remember if we shared our list of names or not! We didn’t share the middle name – it is my grandmother’s maiden name and we wanted it to be a surprise.

Allison: I shared my ideas about possible names with family and close friends to get their opinion and see which nicknames they would have come up with, but I didn’t tell anyone what we had actually decided on. That may also be partly because I didn’t really make the final decision until I was going into labor!

Did you share your child’s name before they were born or wait until they arrived? Share your story in the comments area below or in the Bright Horizons Online Community.


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