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Baby Teething: Which Teething Remedies Worked for You?

Baby Teething: Which Teething Remedies Worked for You?

In my opinion, baby teething is similar to my experience with contractions. Since I hadn’t experienced it, I didn’t know what to expect. Every time I felt some sort of pain, I assumed they were contractions. I would tell my friends “Oh, I think I am having contractions today!” and they would laugh and say “Oh no, you will know when you are having contractions.” As I progressed in my pregnancy, I kept thinking they were happening but everyone assured me they were not. Finally, after my water broke, I realized that everyone was right. I definitely was not having anything ever close to contractions before then. It was awful.

Fast forward seven months and I am having a similar experience with teething. At the first signs of drool (age 4 months) I thought to myself, oh boy, she must be teething. She would ferociously chew on toys and her hand and I told people she had to be teething. Nobody agreed with me, not even my husband. When she started waking up in the night, crying in her sleep, I was again convinced she was teething. No teeth every showed up and she seemed to be perfectly fine the next day/night.

Sad baby teething and cryingThen it happened. What I thought was teething was nothing like real teething – not even close. Zoe was up for almost two hours screaming and in pain. She kept rubbing her face and sticking her hands in her mouth. Nothing I did soothed her, it was heartbreaking. Eventually, after some baby Tylenol, I was able to get her to go back down. She never had screamed like that before nor has she been in pain like that. The next morning she seemed happy but was chewing on her hands more than she has ever chewed before. Luckily, I had my husband place one of her teething rings in the fridge so that we could have something cold when she needed it. I gave that to her and she seemed relieved as she chewed on it.

I know that baby teething can go on for awhile and you just have to get through it, but what else can I do to help soothe her when she is in pain? I have heard cold washcloths for her to chew on help, as well as the cold chew toys.

Anyone have any natural baby teething remedies that work?


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  1. Heather May 21, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    My daughter liked cold washcloths. And, this also worked well for us: We would buy frozen mango and defrost enough so it wasn’t frozen but was still really cold, and she would gnaw on that for a while.
    Good luck!

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