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Baby’s First Summer

baby summer

he's clearly ready for summer

This weekend represents the unofficial start to summer and like many New Englanders, I wait for it all winter and spring long. I love everything about summer. I love going to the beach, swimming, going for long walks, and generally spending long summer days and nights outside. But this year is a little bit different. With Liam added to the mix, summer is starting to give me some anxiety. His fair skin needs to be protected from the sun at all times which makes lots of outdoor activities more challenging. My family has an inground pool in the backyard and Brad’s have a summer house on the ocean which makes for lots of fun weekend trips but also lots of anxiety about the dangers that water can pose for young children, particularly in light of the new CDC research which shows that drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1 to 4. And given Liam’s current state of exploring everything with his mouth combined with very wobbly mobility, I’m fairly certain I’ll be spending much of our time this summer attempting to prevent Liam from falling on or eating rocks, sticks, shells, etc.

I’m excited to start introducing Liam to all the wonderful things that summer has to offer but I also really don’t want to spend the whole summer worrying. Any experienced moms have any tips or product reccomendations for safe and successful summers with little ones?

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