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Back To School Already?

Back To School Already?

It feels like we just finished school. Really. I’m sure there are parents chomping at the bit to get back into the school routine and while I share their sentiments (kind of), I’m not prepared for the actual act of the kids going back to school. I can’t complain about our summer. We’ve truly had an amazing summer filled with lots of memories, plenty of sunshine and outdoor time and lots of togetherness. I just can’t change my mindset to “school” and “fall” when it’s still beach weather out (and yes, we still have at least 2 more beach weekends left this summer!).  Sadly, I realize however, that I can’t avoid the inevitable no matter how hard I try.

The list of things to do in the next few days seems daunting (and expensive!!)   Here’s what I need to somehow accomplish during the next week. I’m wondering what I may be forgetting and wondering what I could do earlier for future planning without feeling like I’m diving into fall too soon.

  • Buy new sneakers for school and cleats for soccer
  • Buy first day outfit & start purchasing fall clothes
  • Hit several stores to gather all the appropriate school supplies
  • Manually input the school calendar into my work calendar including sending out invites for all holidays, back to school nights, early release days, etc…. to my husband
  • Check balance of lunch accounts and replenish as needed
  • Figure out what back to school events I need sitters for and secure sitters
  • Restock lunch cabinet (my kids camp includes lunch)
  • Plan dinner calendar for September (or accept that I will be serving lots of unhealthy, last minute meals every night since it’s always so busy!!)
  • Order new labels for the kids water bottles (they use their water bottles every day and after a year they start to get really gross so they need to be replaced along with their labels.)
  • Finalize their after school activities
  • Figure out their after school care arrangements (they both don’t get home until 4:00!! this year)
  • Get myself organized for the various school related volunteer roles I play


What do others do to get ready for back to school?  Are you ready?  For those of you already back in school, did you feel well prepared once the first day came and went?  I’m sure there are things I’m missing!



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