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Back-to-School and Sibling Separation

Back-to-School and Sibling Separation

Max is headed for Kindergarten soon and all the talk in our family about sending Max off to school is making me wonder how it’s going to affect his brother. For the first time in Ben’s life, they are not going to be going to the same daycare. They won’t be walking in together, hand in hand, comparing what they have for lunch or talking about who they are going to play with. They won’t be causing mischief at pick up time when I’ve asked them, for the hundreth time to please park their bikes and get ready to go. They won’t wear their matching outfits, because Ben insists on wearing the same shirt as Max, or comfort each other when one of them gets hurt or teased.

They’ll both be starting new schools on the same day, Max elementary school and Ben a new preschool, but they won’t be together. It’s going to take a while for Ben to get used to this. He’s the sensitive one and doesn’t adjust as quickly as his brother. But once he does, I know he’s going to shine. He spends a lot of time willingly in Max’s shadow. He absorbs anything that Max does and Max says and has learned so much from his big brother. But I’m starting to see bits of Ben himself emerging as well. I’m starting to hear more about what he likes and see what he plays with and how he plays. I can’t wait to see the person he becomes in the two years that they are apart.

That being said, Max is already looking forward to second grade when he and Ben will be in the same school once again. I guess the big brother might miss his little brother just a bit too.

How have your kids done when one goes to school after being together in child care for so long? Any tips for easing the transition for Ben?


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  1. MediaMom August 21, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    I know what you mean. My Ben is only 1 1/2, and I know he’s going to feel the impact of no longer going to school and coming home with his sister every day when she starts Kindergarten in 2 1/2 weeks. As for my daughter, she think she’s going to marry her brother, so need I say more?
    In order to soften the blow, I am going to try to do “reverse pick-up” once a week or so, so that I pick my daughter up from Kindergarten and then turn around and go back to the child care center so we can pick up her brother together.
    With their age difference and our town’s school system, they will only have one year when they’ll be at the same school from here on out. I’m already very bummed about it.

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