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Back to School Shopping: Thrift Shop Edition

Back to School Shopping: Thrift Shop Edition

My New Year’s resolution of only buying my boys’ clothes at consignment or thrift shops hasn’t been 100% successful, but I’m doing pretty well. I’m finding that used boys’ clothes in sizes 3 and 4 are almost non-existent. Perhaps all boys are as hard on their clothes as mine are. However, I did have a successful shopping trip to my new favorite thrift shop this past weekend.

There is a crop of Savers stores popping up all over. These thrift shops benefit different charities so not only are you saving money, but you’re contributing to a good cause. The one near my house benefits the Epilepsy Foundation, which is a cause near and dear to me.

Back to School Shopping Wins from the Thrift Shop

Here’s the haul I came back with:

  1. Back to School Shopping at Thrift Shops10 shirts, including two dress shirts for the holidays
  2. 11 pairs of pants (this may seem excessive, but potty training is not going so well so we need LOTS of extras)
  3. An LL Bean fleece
  4. A swim shirt and bathing suit for next year
  5. A Gap hooded sweatshirt
  6. A Vineyard Vines sweater (a steal at $1.50!)
  7. A fleece jacket for the Fall
  8. 2 games
  9. A vintage Holly Hobby sheet…just like the one I had when I was a little girl. Crafty Mom, I’ll have to pick your brain on what to do with this.

The cost for all of this back to school shopping trip? $68!  Thank you Savers thrift shop!

Have you started your back to school shopping? Where  do you like to find clothes for your rugged boys and girls? Share your cost-saving tips in the comments section.


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  1. Liz August 22, 2011 at 9:34 am

    I, too, am always on the hunt for a good deal on children’s clothing. I have a boy entering second grade and a girl starting Kindergarten. We have recently become close friends with another family, who have a girl my son’s age, and a boy, close to my daughter’s age. Every season, we go through our closets and hand down clothing to each other’s children. This has saved me hundreds in rain boots, snow boots, snow pants, ski jackets, tennis skirts, plus your everyday clothing. Also, I shop at Children’s Orchard, They are a consignment shop that only takes higher-end clothing. I fair better for my daughter than for my son here. They also have a huge amount of clothing for infants and toddlers — the selection gets smaller as children age. But, on the bright side, a teen consignment boutique just opened in my town, so there’s hope for the future!

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