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#BH5MinFix: 5 Things to Not Stress About This Year

#BH5MinFix: 5 Things to Not Stress About This Year

Welcome to #BH5MinFix, a new weekly series where you can get 5-minute solutions to the parenting struggles that are oh-so-common when raising kids. Each week we’ll be focusing on a particular topic (how to stress less, how to get your kids to unwind for bed, ways to shut your brain off so *you* can sleep, etc.) and sharing a round-up of tips and tricks to solve them. This week’s focus was stress relief.


Did you know that 98 percent of working parents report having experienced burnout? It’s easy to see why: between work, home and extracurricular activities, your to-do list has something like 97 things on it. And then there’s the pressure to do all of those things well.


How about doing things a little differently in 2016? What if you were to choose one thing, that as a parent, you could give yourself a break on? Something that you can decide to not worry about this year? (Talk about a fast pass to less stress.)


For inspiration,  here are are some ideas of the things other parents said they’re not going to try not to get bent out of shape about about in 2016:

Family Room blogger Mary:When everything just blows up after my kids get home. It’s not easy, but I’m going to try not to stress about it!”

Jill, mom of 2 kids, ages 2 and 5, submitted on Facebook:Baths every single day!”

Family Room blogger Amy:As a busy working mom, I find myself rushing and hurrying up my kids all the time to get to places. This year, I’d like to stop worrying about doing so much and slow down.

Nicole, mom of 3, submitted on Facebook:What I can’t control!…Which is harder than it sounds!”

Family Room blogger Laura: Having a perfectly clean house (so, so hard for me by the way!). I’ll have to accept that it’s just not going to be as clean as it used to be before we had our daughter. And when it miraculously does get there, it won’t last for very long.

Do these not-to-worry-about resolutions resonate with you?


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