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#BH5MinFix: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stress

#BH5MinFix: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stress

Happy 2016!

As a parent, do any of these Qs ever run through your head? “What can I make my son for lunch that he’ll actually eat?”… “How can I get my daughter in bed on time?”…“How can *I* shut MY brain off so I can get some rest?”… “What can we do as a family so our mornings are less hectic?”

Need help in these areas of your life OR have tips to share on how you’ve accomplished these tasks with your own family? You’re in the right place.

#BH5MinFix – A Weekly Round-up of Tried-and-True Parenting Tips

Introducing #BH5MinFix, a new weekly series we’re hosting here on Bright Horizons’ social channels. #BH5MinFix is a hub where you can share and receive advice on these oh-so-common parenting scenarios.

How does #BH5MinFix work? Each #BH5MinFix week will have a theme (stress relief, school lunches, kids sleep, your sleep, etc.) as well as a specific question around that theme. We’ll announce the theme at the beginning of every week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once the topic’s announced, we invite you to get involved in the conversation by sharing your insights! If you’re sharing your response on Twitter or Instagram, remember to add add #BH5MinFix to the end of your answer so it can be included in the stream of dialogue.

What’s the 5 minute part of #BH5MinFix? The goal of these fixes is simplify, not complicate your life. These solutions are ones that can be implemented in 5 minutes or less.

As the week goes on, we’ll be compiling the answers we’ve heard here and on social. At the end of the week, we’ll share a list of the best tips right here on the Family Room blog.

So, without further ado:



As parents, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. As we all start fresh in 2016, let’s resolve to cut ourselves some slack. (In case you need to hear it, you’re doing a great job!) To help tame our stress levels in 5 minutes or less, what’s one thing that you’re not going to worry about this year? Our hope is that by sharing your own response and hearing what other parents plan to let go of, you’ll feel lighter in a matter of minutes and inspired to go a little easier on yourself in 2016.

Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or in a comment below.

Then remember to check back here this Saturday to read what other parents had to say.

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