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#BH5MinFix: Ways to Switch From Work Life to Home Life

#BH5MinFix: Ways to Switch From Work Life to Home Life

At the end of the day, how do you switch gears from work so you can focus on your family? For this week’s #BH5MinFix, we asked you to share the habits that work well for you by leaving a comment on our social channels. Here’s a round-up of the top tips we heard, as submitted by you and compiled by us:

switch over from work life to home life

7 End-of-the-Day Tips to Transition from Work to Home:

Recognize all that got done. It’s easy to get bogged down in all you have yet to accomplish, but make sure to celebrate everything that did. Taking a moment to reflect on the things that you’re accomplishing can be a great way to give yourself permission to leave the day behind.

Physically (and mentally) close up shop. Once you’re home, make it a point to put anything work-related (your notebook, work tote, etc.) in another room. This can really help you disconnect from your job when you’re not physically there. However, working from home, as so many people do now, can be a little trickier. On Facebook mom Dana, who works remotely shared a strategy that works well for her, “I close down everything in my office and take a deep breath and I welcome my kids with open arms when I leave. It immediately helps me say, ‘I am a mommy now!'”

Take a minute or two for yourself. This is habit our blogger, Kate, has found really helpful, and something she started doing a couple of years ago when picking up her son, Liam, from child care. Allowing herself to hit pause for a minute to take a quick lap around the parking lot or do a quick stretch in her office enabled her to be more engaged and present at pick-up.

Choose a visual cue. One of our Bright Horizons executives, who is a dad to two girls, came up with a pretty cool solution. He has a lanyard that hangs from his garage door opener and seeing it as he pulls into the garage every weeknight helps him switch off thoughts about work so he can focus on his family. You might also choose a landmark on your commute home; when you pass it, use it as your cue to turn off thoughts about the day.

Start an after-work ritual. Just like having a wind-down routine that helps your brain know it’s time for bed, doing the same thing every day after work can help you decompress and switch gears. On Instagram, Julie told us that “Pjs on then cup of tea!” works for her. On Facebook, Christine, shared that she de-stresses by walking her dog, “…it’s ten minutes of quiet time before I start “part two” of my day.”

Dive right into family time. Our community member, Jen, shared this tip on our Instagram, “I’m not currently working but when I was, I would come straight home and focus on my daughter. I wouldn’t stress about chores or anything. Instead, I would spend some time just playing with her and giving her my undivided attention.”

Focus on non-work talk: Mary has this advice to offer on the lifestyle blog, Peaceful Dumpling: she says that when she and her partner get home, they chat about work for about 5-minutes (unless, as she says, “something crazy happened”) and then they move on to other topics. Whether you’re talking with your significant other, a friend or a relative, this is a great reminder to make it a point to also connect about topics besides work.


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