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The Birthday Banner: A Simple Birthday Tradition

The Birthday Banner: A Simple Birthday Tradition

Max’s first year was a bit tumultuous what with an epilepsy diagnosis, week-long hospitalization and host of other issues. When he turned 1, we wanted to have a big celebration of the fact that we had all survived the year (literally and figuratively). My crafty 7 year old cousin wanted to contribute to the decorations, so she made Max his birthday banner.

A mere two years later, when Ben and my nephew both turned 1, we enlisted Michelle’s help to make birthday banners for each of them as well, and did the same when my niece Charlotte came along a few years later. Unfortunately for her, Bennett, Paxton and Charlotte are much longer names than Max. I’ll have to take that into consideration when naming my third, but you bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be asking Michelle to make him a banner too…even though when this little buddy turns 1, she’ll be 15!

Birthday banners for kids

I love pulling them out every year. These banners get put up no matter what. They’ve been transported to beach cottages, across state lines and have been hung both indoors and out. As we speak, Ben’s banner is hanging in our kitchen where it will stay for a few days until all of his 5th birthday celebrations are over. They’ve required some repair over the years, and the glue on the photos is started to give way but these banners are something that will follow our kids throughout their lives, helping them celebrate birthdays for years to come.

Ben's Birthday  Banner

Because the photos on them are only from their first year of life, it’s really fun for them to look at what they used to look like and the things they used to do. Can you believe that these are the same kids? What a difference 5 years makes!

Cousins as babies and as 5-year-olds

What fun birthday traditions do you have in your family?

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