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Birthdays: Why 3 is an Awesome Age

Birthdays: Why 3 is an Awesome Age

My baby boy just turned 3 years old. 3 is an awesome age. My husband even suggested that with our daughter just about to turn 7 and our son having just celebrated his third birthday, this might be the time to stop the clock if you could – let them be this age forever. And while there’s enough whining and pouting from the both of them for me to seriously question my husband’s judgement on that one, I am reminded several times a day why 3 is such a glorious age.

So, to my son, here’s why you make 3 great.

Why Age 3 is an Awesome Age to Be

  • Everything is a reason to celebrate: Standing up on ice skates. Finding exactly the truck or car or other toy you were looking for. Your Tow Mater pajamas are out of the laundry and ready to wear. It’s garbage day, which means we might see a garbage truck or two on the way to preschool. It’s pizza day. Pooping, so long as it’s in the potty. All legit reasons to cheer when you’re 3.
  • You look wistfully at your sister who is stricken with a stomach bug and you say,”You not feeling well, Megan? Maybe you should go to the doctor.” Seemingly unremarkable. But you’re 3. So it’s adorable.
  • After you had the same stomach bug, you told us you wanted to put doors on your stomach. To keep the throw up in. You even made throwing up adorable.
  • Getting a haircut is almost as good as going to Disneyland. After all, they give you lollipops and animal crackers.
  • When the pediatrician pricked your finger for your lead test, you didn’t cry, but you did exclaim, “Hey!” As in “Hey, lady! Prick your own dang finger!”
  • You made up your own word, “Pontos,” that you use when you don’t know what something or someone is. You also call the neighbor’s dog PomPom even though you know very well that her name is Gigi.
  • You are joyful and curious and smart and fun and have the best sense of humor I’ve ever seen.
  • And best of all, while you may get whiny or demanding or have trouble sitting still at the dinner table for more than 30 seconds, you have no problem that can’t be solved without an episode of Paw Patrol or a package of Lightning McQueen fruit snacks. And that makes 3 a glorious age indeed.

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