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Bringing Children’s Books to Life: Growing Readers Challenge

Bringing Children’s Books to Life: Growing Readers Challenge

During the past month, children at Bright Horizons preschools and child care centers across the country have been participating in the Bright Horizons Growing Readers Challenge! This project-based challenge inspires teachers and children to find creative ways to bring a book to life through an activity or project. The children’s books chosen for the challenge were:

• Animal Opposites by Petr Horacek for infants and toddler classrooms

Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building by Christy Hale for preschool, Kindergarten Prep, and kindergarten classrooms

See examples of these clever classroom book projects below and check back regularly on Facebook to see what other creations our students come up with!

Bright Horizons Growing Readers Challenge

The preschool classroom at Bright Horizons at Giralda Farms (Madison, NJ) read Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building. After the children discussed different types of buildings – such as skyscrapers, houses, apartments, school buildings and more – they created a list of materials they would need to construct their very own buildings. The kids made buildings out of wooden blocks, magnet squares, cardboard, Lego bricks and other supplies. They learned to demonstrate an understanding of applying the book to real life situations by using the story as an inspiration for their project.

Bright Horizons Growing Readers Challenge

Preschool children at USAA Child Development Center (Colorado Springs, CO) were also introduced to the book, Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building, and decided to bring their book to life by setting up a series of building activities in their classroom as well as outdoors. The teachers created rotating centers where children were able to take turns building and creating structures. They had Legos, blocks, play dough, playing cards, chairs and blankets, and magnetic tiles. After listening to the story, children engaged in STEM building activities inspired by the book. See some of their creations below.




Bright Horizons Curriculum Night Events

CurriculumNight_logo_trans FOGGY VERSIONJoin us and see these and other book-inspired projects at our Curriculum Night events! Curriculum Night events, being held at centers across the country, will highlight literacy learning for all age groups and show how Bright Horizons’ emergent curriculum uses children’s own unique interests to inspire learning . All are welcome! Locate an event in your area.


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