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California Baby Product Formula Change

California Baby ShampooHere we go again…one of my favorite go-to brands has gone and changed its formula so I can no longer just assume that the products are safe. If you travel in the green circles you may have heard the uproar lately about how the CA Baby brand changed its formula in some products by adding Sodium Benzoate and is technically no longer all natural but didn’t tell consumers until they figured it out themselves. This is very reminiscent of the great Sigg debacle a few years back or the old arsenic in apple juice PR nightmare for Earth’s Best. I was going cross-eyed trying to figure out the issue, so I contacted fellow blogger Dena Fleno, who wrote this amazing series on Toxins. Here’s what she had to say about CA Baby:

My understanding is that there are two problems people may have with sodium benzoate. Sodium Benzoate is the salt form of benzoic acid (benzoic acid can be found naturally in small quantities in cranberries), but the one you find on the label of foods and products is completely synthetic- unnatural. Also there is the chance that when sodium benzoate mixes with acsorbic acid (Vitamin C) it can form benzene, which is considered to be a carcinogen. I think people are most up in arms about the claims that such products as CA Baby are “all natural” yet now contain synthetic materials like sodium benzoate. I also got from the forums that people were mad that they were being told that no formulation changes had been made, when clearly they had. From what I have read, the carcinogenic effects happen when very high levels of sodium benzoate are consumed and used topically, which is probably why the EWG still rates it so low as the regulations for concentration in food at least are .1% of weight, though i am not certain if their are similar standard for cosmetics and personal care products.

I know I won’t be using the products that contain the synthetic materials any longer and will no longer just assume that California Baby products are 100% natural and safe…which is really a disappointment.

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