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Can Eating Your Placenta Make Mad Women Happy?

January Jones Eats her Placenta via placenta capsulation

January Jones eats her placenta. Would you?

Apparently the most controversial thing about the season opener of Mad Men isn’t what’s going on on-screen. It’s what’s going on off-screen with new, first-time, real life mom January Jones (aka Betty). As she reported to People magazine, she’s been eating her placenta. Well, actually in her case, she has had her placenta dehydrated and turned into vitamins which she takes every day plus anytime she finds herself run down.  According her, humans are the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas. Well, we’re also the only mammals who use toilets, and anesthesia, and wear clothes, and I’m ok with that too. I have a friend who is a big supporter of natural childbirth and who has saved her daughters’ placentas and planted them. It’s not my speed, but also not quite as gross as the concept of pulling out a knife and fork for a plate full of the stuff.  I have to say, the option of placenta encapsulation (turning it into a pill form) does make the whole concept much more appetizing (so long as someone else does the preparation).  I had never heard of the practice before I had either of my children. I’m not saying it would change my mind. In fact, I’m quite certain it wouldn’t have. In this way, and hopefully this way alone, I am much more Betty Draper/Francis that I am January Jones. But what about you? Would you ever consider eating your placenta?

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