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Celebrating International Mud Day

Celebrating International Mud Day

As a parent, the combination of water and dirt may seem like a recipe for disaster, but for kids, mud can be a fun way to play and learn at the same time! That’s where International Mud Day comes in…

What is International Mud Day?

In 2009 at the World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education in Belfast, two members of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children – one from Australia and one from Nepal – shared their cultures’ unique perspectives (and challenges) around children playing in the mud. From then on, June 29th became a global opportunity to celebrate community and appreciate the world around us.

The Benefits of Mud

Outdoor play can have numerous physical benefits for children, but did you know that playing in the mud has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and speed up the skin’s ability to heal? It also has mental and emotional benefits – like increasing happiness and reducing stress and anxiety. What may also come as a surprise is that mud stimulates serotonin, which contributes to the speed at which we learn new information. Translation: mud has the ability to enhance learning!

Mud Activities for Kids

With all of these benefits in mind – how can you introduce mud play to your children? Get inspired by some of the mud activities that have gone on in our Bright Horizons centers:

At Bright Horizons at West Fort Collins, the children discovered all of the different ways you can play with mud.

The children at Bright Horizons at Raleigh Corporate Center spent the afternoon exploring all of mud’s properties.

And the little ones at Bright Horizons on the Golden Mile enjoyed painting with mud and molding it into different shapes.

Mud is a great (and free) resource that anyone, anywhere can literally jump right in – so we encourage you to get outside and enjoy!

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