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Celebrating New Year’s Eve: Activities for Kids

Celebrating New Year’s Eve: Activities for Kids

“New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday…but definitely geared more for adults than kids. Anyone have ideas for making NYE a kid-friendly affair for those in the group who may still be too little to stay up until midnight? Would love some ideas.” – Timmy MacDonald, Bright Horizons Online Community

How do you incorporate kids in your New Year’s Eve celebrations? The Family Room bloggers share New Year’s activity ideas for little ones and other ways that children can join in during the fun of New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Children

Child with balloonsKris-Ann, Progressive Mom: Have a balloon drop. Choose a designated time to count down to (noon, 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m.) then do the traditional countdown. Instead of the “ball” dropping, pull the string on all the balloons. A dance party is also a fun idea and of course hats and noisemakers.

Mary, Organized Mom: We try to do something special with our kids on the earlier side of the evening and each year it seems to be something different. They really don’t cope well when we keep them up past their bedtime, so we stick with the 8:00 p.m. bedtime. We’re still trying to find our “thing” but in years past they’ve been known to jump off the coach and shout their New Year’s resolution (a tradition from a best friends’ childhood), we sometimes have party popper tubes (the kind that are filled with paper crowns, confetti and a toy) and last year we did our own countdown complete with noise makers and silly hats and glasses.

Media Mom: Last year we did First Night in Boston, and as a special treat, we actually rented a hotel room in town too. There are good hotel deals to be had in the Northeast in the winter. My husband even ordered room service hot chocolate and birthday cake that had been delivered by the time we got back from outdoor activities. New Year’s Eve is my birthday, after all!

Kate, Progressive Mom: We haven’t done much to celebrate New Year’s yet with Liam but I love the idea of a ceremonial “ball drop”/New Year’s celebration at noon for little ones so they can join in on the fun. I like the idea of having a little New Year’s Eve party but I’ve also heard lots of museums and other family venues host early New Year’s celebrations for kids.

Amy, Nourish Mom: For the past few years, we’ve been getting together with my mom, siblings, and their kids for a NYE Family Game Night. The adults play poker and the cousins have a variety of games to select from. A few favorites are Apples to Apples Junior and Bananagrams.

Caty, Blog Editor: Make New Year’s Eve bubbly parfaits! They’re a great substitute for the kids to do “cheers” with when the ball drops.

Jessie: When we were young and couldn’t stay up for the ball drop, we celebrated the next morning. We always had a big fancy brunch, complete with New Year’s top hats and scratch off lottery tickets.

Allison: Do a countdown at 8:00 p.m. instead of midnight. You can even set a clock forward so it’s still showing as 12:00 a.m. for the children to get the full effect.

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