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Child Care Challenges Ahead

We’re well into August and the back-to-school ads are already feeling old. I’m quite certain they start running right after July 4…I’m bracing myself for the Halloween ads to start. Most of my friends have mixed feelings about summer’s looming end – while they’re sad to see the long, unstructured days come to an end, they’re also thrilled to see the long, unstructured days come to an end. They’re looking forward to putting down all the balls they’ve been keeping in the air juggling child care solutions for their school-age kids, and ready to return to a more “normal” routine.

I on the other hand, am freaking out.  Next week, my three kids will be attending three different schools.  My daughter’s school starts well after my workday begins, and two of my kids will be dropped at different bus stops at the same time…which means I will need to figure out how to be in two places at once, only I will be at work when the bus drop off happens so it really means I need to hire someone to do pick up and then figure out how she can be in two places at once.  I know it takes a village, but I don’t even have a small cul de sac to lend a hand. So for now I will cherish every summer day that’s left, I’ll relish the heat waves and the mosquitoes and the sunburn (I draw the line at Poison Ivy). I’ll close my eyes to the back-to-school ads and focus instead on putting a plan in place for September 1. Wish me luck!

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