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Children’s Game Idea: Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Children’s Game Idea: Scavenger Hunt for Kids

For my granddaughters, going to Grandma’s place in the mountains means fun and projects. Often our big girls, Sofi (age 7) and Noi (age 4), find their own projects. They have a designated hunk of the property that’s all their own and they spend countless hours making “rooms” for their dolls and using their imaginations to come up with all sorts of games. This weekend my daughter helped them with a nature scavenger hunt. It was an afternoon full of learning and exploration.

Kids on a scavenger huntScavenger Hunt for Kids

Their list of treasures to search for included finding something: 

  • Round
  • Smooth
  • Fuzzy
  • Rough
  • Man-made


Once the list was written, they set out to conquer. The girls made a plan of attack and reviewed the list together several times. One by one they went through the list trying to find the most perfect example of each listed characteristic. When everything was found Sofi used her well know Halloween tactic…dump it all out some place safe and take inventory! Everything was accounted for and both girls described the details of each treasure. Noi found a fuzzy leaf and we all got an opportunity to “pet” it. Rough was the easiest one…there are lots of rough rocks lying around. Smooth blades of grass went in the bag and a long straight slender pine needle fit the bill for something straight. Yellow flowers were round. The hardest one was something man-made. Sofi and Noi searched quite awhile before they found a small piece of surveyors tape!

The entire project took only about 20 minutes but the conversation lasted well into the evening. It’s days like this that make me remember the fun times at my own Grandma’s house – and how my own favorite memory is of making mudpies on my Grandma’s best silver platterWhat do you remember about going to Grandma’s when you were little?

Child on a scavenger hunt



  1. Profile photo of Caty

    Caty June 17, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Your granddaughters are so lucky, Ruth! Looks like an amazing place to explore. 🙂

  2. Ruth Fidino June 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks Caty. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to explore. There’s so much for everyone to learn there.

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