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Choosing the Best Child Care for Me: Near Work

Choosing the Best Child Care for Me: Near Work

When it came to making the decision about whether to choose a child care near work or home for me it was a no-brainer that my daughter would attend the child care center right on my company’s campus. The convenience of having my daughter right there by my office topped everything on our list. Plus, the location itself made the transition back to work a hundred times easier from day one, and there are plenty of other ways this has made my day-to-day that much easier. Here are just a few:

3 Reasons I Chose a Child Care Near Work

  • Daycare drop-off and pick-up are “easy peasy” (as my daughter would say). I don’t feel like I have to rush drop-off in the morning to get to the office since I’m already practically there. Not to mention those dreaded calls when she’s sick and needs to go home; at least I can sneak in a few extra minutes of work before I head out to pick her up.
  • When I returned to work after having my daughter, I visited her all the time. Whether it was because I was having a hard time with the transition back to work and just needed some snuggles or to nurse her, it took no time at all and gave me peace of mind when I needed it most.
  • She’s old enough now, but I haven’t been brave enough to take her to lunch for some quality mommy-daughter time. I just don’t see the transition from mommy time to back to school and abruptly to naptime in such a short period of time going too well. But one day soon she (and I) will be ready to test the waters and I’m sure we’ll both love it.Laura’s Daughter at Daycare Near Me

And there’s the final reason the best child care near me was near work. While it’s actually unrelated to the location of my daughter’s center, but has been essential in helping me get through the day. I know that my daughter’s teacher takes the opportunity of her classroom full of napping toddlers to update the MyBrightDay child care app with the day’s activities (and photos!). So while some like a cup of coffee or a sweet treat as an afternoon pick-me-up, I’ll check the Bright Horizons app to see what my daughter’s been up to all day. It’s so fun to see the different things they end up exploring each day and how much fun she’s having—and that’s just what I need to charge through the next few hours until pick-up time!

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