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  • Conversations about Pregnancy

Conversations about Pregnancy

From creative ways to share that you're expecting to advice on what to pack in your hospital bag; we're discussing all-things pregnancy in the Bright Horizons Community.

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    Where do you spend the holidays?
    After traveling to my in-laws this past weekend for Christmas, I was thinking it would be nice to start spending the holiday at home next year as my daughter will be almost three. My husband isn't sure how agreeable his...
    Started by laura7911 in General Parenting
    My Experience With Infants
    When I joined BrightHorizon family, I was although ready to accept challenges but was worried at the same time as I was going to deal with the most sensitive population. With the passage of each day, I found a change...
    Started by plky-sharma in Family Fun & Activities
    Help with getting an infant to sleep at daycare
    Hi, My daughter takes great naps at home, two naps that are 1/12 to 2 hours in length each.  But since she started daycare 6 months ago she has had trouble napping at daycare.  She rarely takes more than one nap...
    Started by Profile photo of in Infant
    Managing Your Child's Artwork
    I keep EVERYTHING my child brings home from school - from scribbles on little scraps of paper, to assembled masterpieces. I can't bear throwing anything away with the thought that when she's older it will be fun to look at....
    Started by allison-fraser-58 in Preschool