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    Try recycling artwork into cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper for family and friends. Who wouldn’t LOVE to get an extra fancy card or wrapped gift for their birthday or holiday?!


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    Cristina Heinz

    We had the same issue when my son turned 6! So we hijacked one of his favorite family activities and held a Movie Night in the backyard with our laptop, a borrowed projector and inflatable screen. You can also hang a large white sheet as the screen or if weather is a problem and the party is small enough, use your family room. He picked his favorite age-appropriate movie and I ordered individually-packed gourmet popcorn online, served pizza, and veggie sticks. Only his closest buddies were invited with a movie ticket invitation. We were able to find movie theme decorations and party favors to make it seem more like a “party”. Super easy set up for a working mom and kids were happy, especially the birthday boy!

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    Hi! Some of the bloggers from the Family Room blog have shared awesome ideas for kids’ birthday parties. You can check out some of them here:

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    I’m of the belief that before the school age years, it really can go either way. I don’t think there’s really a rule about it. It becomes more common for kids to want to invite certain friends once they get a bit older, but when they’re still in preschool, I think the decision can be up to you. If you want to keep the party small or just limited to family, that is definitely ok.

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    When do children normally start inviting classmates to their birthday parties? Is it customary to do so in preschool? My daughters classmates started inviting her to their birthday parties and I don’t want her missing out on anything so I’ve let her attend, but her birthday is aproaching next month and I won’t be inviting them only because she has cousins around the same age as her that will be attending. At this age, parents are also required to stay for the duration of the party which is another reason I dread going to birthday parties.  I haven’t made any real connections with other parents and the thought of sparking up conversation for 2 whole hours is scary! Just curious as to other thoughts. Did you invite your child’s classmates to birthday parties while in preschool?


    I took both girls shortly after their 1st birthday as that is what is recommended.  Our Pediatric Dentist did a quick check of what teeth have come in and gave a little advice on how best to care for baby teeth.

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    I agree! Go with what your child is already interested in and let the ideas flow from there. Pinterest really is an awesome tool for getting ideas for the detials. We did a pirate party not too long ago and I found a ton of great ideas that were easy to carry out from Pinterest.


    I would look at what your son enjoys- a toy, book, activity, place, show/movie- and go from there. The themes usually aren’t super creative, it’s how they are executed. Try to think of what activities would go along with the theme and adapt it to a party and the kids’ ages. Preschool lesson plans can give you ideas as well as Pinterest.

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    My daughter has gotten invites to a lot of movie themed birthday parties lately, it seens. Toy Story, Brave…mostly disney movies, now that I think about it.

    Once you come up with a theme, Pinterest is awesome for finding different favors, decoratios, and activity ideas for just about any party you could think of.

Viewing 10 results - 1 through 10 (of 77 total)
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