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    My daughter has gotten invites to a lot of movie themed birthday parties lately, it seens. Toy Story, Brave…mostly disney movies, now that I think about it.

    Once you come up with a theme, Pinterest is awesome for finding different favors, decoratios, and activity ideas for just about any party you could think of.


    My son has a birthday coming up and I’m looking for creative themes. Anyone been to any clever themed kids’ birthday parties lately?


    Toya C

    I’m looking to buy my son a bicycle for his next birthday, which is coming up soon. I think he’d love a new bike. Any suggestions for good bike brands for a 7 year old? Not sure what features I should be keeping an eye out for! I want it to last him a few years…


    My 6 year old recently attended a birthday party where make-up was the party favor.  Seriously???  Anyway, I think older.  8th grade sounds about right to me.   🙂  Maybe when they are old enough to get a job to pay for it (like babysitter age).

    Good luck!

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    My sister got my daughter gymnastic classes for her birthday.  She makes an effort to take her to the class each week and it’s really special because it’s something she looks forward to.  It’s a great bonding experience for the two and I believe it’s 10x more special than just a book or toy she’ll grow out of!


    From birth we would sit and read aloud everything from the newspaper, to intersting serious internet sites and for the first birthday books as a sgift were encouraged.

    Seeing parents reading for fun helps a lot as does not havng a tv set or not watching a lot of tv.  At nap time we would do books on tape.   By age two and three our children were loving books and starting to read.

    It saddens me when I enter a home and do not see books.

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    I think my daughter (now 7) was 4 the first time we did a party with her friends from school.  For her third birthday we had a quiet celebration with just the local family (just us and her one set of local grandparents).  Then, we had a special birthday playdate with her best friend – complete with cupcakes, tiaras, and dress up clothes.

    Nancy Besant

    This would be the 3rd year I will be hosting my son’s 3 year birthday party at the end of January.  Going with the Curious George and the Ice Cream Shop Theme.  It will be for a 2 hour duration.

    In the past, we have invited our friends and they brought their kids.  None of them are my son’s age – so I would have a variety of ages from 1 to 10 years old.  Two of our good friend’s kids are terrors when they are together and tear the place apart and each year we vow not to have them over at the same time.  Hard not to invite one without the other though.

    So, do I want to change things up and just invite the 9 other kids (6 girls & 2 boys) in the my son’s class – he goes 3 days a week – he started in September – and we live 25 minutes south of the school.  Thinking most of the parents would be local to the school and might not want to do the drive to our house plus we really don’t know them yet.  But, they all play really nicely.  My son has not gotten invites yet from his class so not sure this is common practice to do at this age.

    Should I just invite our friends and their kids this year and try to cater to all the ages – and put up with the 2 terrors? Or should I just invite the kids from his class and maybe a few might show up and possibly also invite only a few close friends and their kids?  HELP!!!

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    i use snapfish. i love shutterfly but i was ordering photo books and prints often and just found snapfish to be a little cheaper. picaboo also has a great site but i have never ordered prints so i cannot comment on quality or price but they make gorgeous photo books.

    snapfish makes it really easy to share albums too.

    just a side note – i saw the best tip on pinterest the other day.. at the end of the year make a family yearbook to include trips, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, milestones. thought that was such a great (duh!) idea! 😉


    I have constantly been at odds with my inlaws ever since my husband and I started dating 13 years ago. But recently they have been getting on my last nerve yet again, and I need some help on how to deal with this. Just a little back story; we lived in a seperate apartment in their house for 3 yrs and have been in our own house for just over a year now. We used to eat dinner with them every night up until my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I got into a screaming match with my father in law because he tried to tell my husband NOT to disipline our daughter who was being rude at the dinner table. I tried to defend my husband and my FIL told me that neither one of us knows what we’re doing (about parenting), and when I told him that neither did they when my husband was little her told me to get out of his house. So I took my daughter back upstairs and made her dinner. After that we ate dinner in our own apartment.

    Now to current;

    I guess my main source of depression right now is that my inlaws are back from vacation. Before they went on vacation they had to see Melanie ( our daughter), they weren’t moving just going on vacation. Then they weren’t even back from their vacation ( of which they only took 3 1/2 days) for 5 hours before they had to come over our house and see Melanie again. Then we only had one day without them, because my husband told them we weren’t going to be home but every other night they "stopped by".  I even put a "fake" status update that my husband and I were out just becuase my MIL stalks my facebook page.

    I’m just getting aggravated that I feel I have to tell them not to come over on certain nights or if they see a car in the driveway. I told Mark he needs to think of a way to nicely tell them to give us a little space, even he said they’re coming over too much. At the end of August I had a family friend who’s known me since I was born come over, my FIL stopped by and instead of seeing we had company and leavning, he stayed to play with my daughter. That got my husband I both aggrivated.

    This morning Melanie told me she thinks they r coming over too much and told me she doesn’t want them over. I mean they don’t even give Melanie a chance to miss them they’re over so much. I really don’t know what to do I’m lost :-(.

    Should I say something? Or try to let my husband handle it?

Viewing 10 results - 11 through 20 (of 77 total)
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