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    Theresa Johnston

    Here is a nice selection of free printable items for Dad:

    Cute ‘World’s Best Day!’ mini trophy, ‘Happy Father’s Day’ banners, printable placemat for dad, printable coupon books where kids can type in or hand write in what the coupons are for. Also you’ll find bookmarks, craft ideas and cards.


    Allison Fraser

    For Father’s Day this year, we wanted to surprise Dad with a fun day out (assuming the weather will be nice)..something beyond the normal ‘out to dinner’, which we do weekly anyways. Any ideas for places we can take Dad or activities we can do as a family?

    My husband likes to be with our son on Father’s Day, but I wouldn’t fault him if he wanted a day off! I have some friends that allow dad to go off for a golf day. Seems like a fun tradition! But for now, we’ll continue to celebrate with dad as a family.

    Toya C

    I struggle with this one every year. For Father’s Day, do you give dad a day off from parenting or do you plan something special for him to do with the kids? Never sure which way to go…and my husband always says either is fine! Not helpful! Interested to hear what others do…


    Last year, my baby and I spent most of Father’s Day weekend with my husband, but we also gave him tickets to a MLB game for him to have a guys’ night out with his own dad. It was a great gift for both my husband and my child’s grandpa. If your husband is close with his father, having a way for the two of them to celebrate together on Father’s Day is a great tradition.


    I’m in the same boat celebrating Father’s Day for the first time with my husband. I was doing a little research on how to make this first Father’s Day special for him and came across some great advice on iVillage. My favorite idea was actually to spend the day doing something that dad enjoyed pre-baby…but to bring baby along. I was trying so hard to think of something new that I completely overlooked the fact that my husband may want to do something he used to do quite freely! Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Make it Dad’s day — and bring your baby along. When you’re new parents, it’s easy to forget all the things Dad loved to do pre-baby. So put your peanut in the carrier and head off to an auto show, get tickets to a game or go for a hike. You may even surprised at how family-friendly many of these activities are.

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    It’s my husband’s first Father’s Day this year and I’m trying to think of something fun we can do as a family for the day. But, I’m a little stumped as to what that should be…fun activities with a baby are not always so easy! I’d love to do something out of the ordinary. Anyone have ideas? How are you celebrating?

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    I had stumbled across this website last year and found it to be a good source of crafty ideas. There are easy crafts (printables, etc. which I opted for!) and more involved ones. My kids loved the idea of father’s day coupons. They gave my husband a whole book of coupons that he could redeem throughout the year.

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    I don’t have a homemade idea but my husband has wanted thin coasters for a long time.  We’ve looked high and low for these.  I recently saw them on Snapfish so I’m hoping to get him a set with pictures of the kids.

    Another idea is I saw on pinterest, a cute black apron with white handprints on it (of the kids of course) for grandma.  Would be cute for dad if he likes to grill/wear aprons.

    I have a medium size scrapbook album that the kids are creating over the years for dad (each has an album.)  Each birthday and Father’s Day, the kids create a page for the album.  This year I think the page will be this:

    I’ll probably see if I can also get him out golfing that day with some other dad friends too.

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    I always wait until the last minute and end up buying Father’s Day gifts that aren’t too useful, thoughtful, etc.  This year, I thought I’d get a head start and maybe do some type of arts & craft project with my daughter.  WIth all of the cool things I’ve seen on Pinterest for Mother’s Day & Teacher Appreciation I know there has to be some nice ideas for Dads.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 10 results - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)
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