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    I am the owner of Potty Training School in Boca Raton. If you want to inbox me at I can send you over a potty training readiness test. Good luck


    Caty Trio

    There are some great tips about understanding the signs and determining potty training readiness in the following parenting article by Bright Horizons.

    Potty Training: Tips –


    I think before you start training, it’s good to have the potty out for a while in an area where he sees it often. I think this helps get kids comfortable. I have 2 pottys, one upstairs and one downstairs and they aren’t in the bathrooms; they’re in the rooms where my son plays most often. One has a cover and for a while before he started using the potty, he sat on it to put his shoes on. I think sitting on the potty like this has helped a lot in taking the "scary" factor away.

    I never pressured my son to sit on the potty. One long 3-day weekend when I knew we’d be around, I just asked him if he wanted to try the potty. I took off his diaper and let him play naked (without bottoms) that day. Each time he knew he had to pee, he went straight to the potty, which was in the room where he was playing. He pretty much trained overnight.

    Instead of pull-ups, we use cotton training pants, which I would swear by.

    My son is now 3 yrs. old and is fully trained, even at night. He’s had a lot of success.


    It sounds like your son might not be ready yet. I’d keep trying and talk about the potty, but not make him sit on it until he’s ready. You’ll know he’s ready when he starts asking to sit on or use the potty. Just stick it out a while longer …and good luck!


    Kate Teece

    As the mom of a 1.5 year old boy, I am getting excited about this topic. 🙂 I don’t yet have any experience potty training, but I’ve been watching other parents going through this. Recently I read an interesting e-Book that is available at This isn’t necessarily an endorsement for this particular "boot camp" style approach, but I’ve heard good things about it!

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    I agree with the previous poster who suggested taking a little time off. It doesn’t have to be long…just 2 or 3 weeks. That might be long enough for your son to forget that he hates sitting on the potty! Then you can start over. When you do, be sure to make going to the potty seem very exciting. You might have better luck if you give him this short break.

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    When a child is refusing to sit on the potty, especially a very young child, sometimes it’s best to take a few weeks off and then start over. He might just need a break. And sometimes, a break can help end that pattern of him refusing the potty. He’ll forget how much he doesn’t like it and you can get a fresh start.

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    Hi everyone!  We’ve been using modern cloth diapers at daycare for over two years, and recently I’ve started an informational blog to help people get started with cloth diapering.  Modern cloth diapers do not involve any pins or folding, and go on in a very similar way to disposables.  Cloth diapers also prevent poo-blow outs and can save you over $2500 per child from birth to potty training!  I recently shared a post about how to approach daycare providers about using cloth diapers.  New Horizons has been wonderfully supportive in our decision to use cloth diapers full time.

    Check out my informational database on using cloth diapers at daycare:

    Has anyone else been using cloth diapers at daycare?


     My grandson is two years old and he has been going on the potty at school for a few months now. However at home he is not interested and when you ask him he says "No" He has just started telling his mom after he pees in his diaper and last night he ran up to his dad as he came home from work and said "I went Peepee on the potty today" without even bing asked.  I think he is showing us that he is ready and soon he will be using the potty at home too!! My two girls who are grown now trainned well but were not potty trained completely until they wer close to 3!  I did not rush them for I do not believe in rushing children for anything! When they are ready they are ready!!!

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    Have you tried doing some on-the-potty activities that might calm him down? Sometimes reading a book or even coloring while on the potty will help get a child used to it. At first, it’s more about being ok with the potty and comfortable with sitting on it vs. actually having success with using it.

Viewing 10 results - 1 through 10 (of 110 total)
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