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Baby’s gender – did you find out or keep it a surprise?

Home Forums Parenting Pregnancy Baby’s gender – did you find out or keep it a surprise?

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    I was fascinated by the news that they now have tests to predict an baby’s gender at as early as 7 weeks!


    Science is pretty amazing. It made me wonder if more and more people will choose to find out their baby’s gender vs. keep it a surprise. I’ve decided to keep it a surprise, but the "planner" personality in me can certainly understand why others like to find out early.


    Did your family decide to find out the baby’s gender in advance or have it be a surprise? What was your reasoning? I love hearing people’s different stories.

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    I kept it a surprise with my first child, but ultimately decided to find out the gender of my second. I think once I had a toddler at home and all the chaos that comes with that in addition to being pregnant, I preferred to be able to plan as much as possible! But it was fun keeping up the suspense with baby #1. :smileyhappy:


    Both of mine were a surprise and I’m so happy I went that route – there are so few surprises in life and there is something really great about that moment.  And this from someone who plans EVERYTHING!!


    We went the surprise route with both. Though I was tempted to find out with my little one on the way just so I could clear out the bins of girl clothes if the baby is a boy. My husband didn’t want to know so that sealed the deal. I have a horrible game face and could never keep the news secret from him. With 6 weeks left I’m glad we didn’t find out because it’s fun for the whole family to be guessing and predicting.

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    Oh I had to know and found that I was having a girl. I actually really wanted a boy and ended up crying on the exam table. 🙁 But it actually worked out and it gave me time to get used to the fact that she was a she. 🙂 And of course now I wouldn’t change her for the world.

    I ended up loving decorating a girls room and getting lots of frilly outfits and dresses at our baby shower.

    Oh and picking a name was hard enough – narrowing down to girls names took a little pressure off.




    We decided not to know and I am so glad we did it.  It made it fun for us.  But I remember once bringing my mother to an ultrasound appt (she is a former chemist and she was so fascinated with how the technology has improved) and she kept asking the ultrasound tech questions. Finally, my mom said, "Oh I know what you are having."  I quickly yelled, "Don’t tell me,I want it to be a surprise!"


    We waited to find out.  I have to say that moment in the delivery room was amazing.  I have to say I hated all of the comments from other moms, saying they were too A type not to be prepared for the baby.  Not knowing the gender isn’t the same as not being prepared.  We were prepared for both of our sons, even if everything we owned wasn’t blue.?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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