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    Hi all,

    Lately I’ve been struggling with the concept of how to be more "unplugged"…and if there is a way to find the right balance. In this era of uber-technology where smart phones, tablets, laptops are omnipresent, how do you force yourself to turn off the tech and focus on the here and now? I can’t imagine life without these tools – they are a great help in organizing my family life too – but at the same time, I yearn for a bit more simplicity. Does anyone have tips for weaning off the tech (and is this even a realistic goal in the year 2011)? How do you find that balance?

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    I just got an iPhone last month and am facing this struggle even more than before. My job has me on the computer all day so there are some days that I want to just go home and play dress-up or a board game with my family. But other days my volunteer work forces me to get online and check up on emails and other digital tasks. It’s so hard to balance.

    I guess what I do is try to carve out time every day to interact with my family. We have family dinners most nights and usually try to engage together until bed time without the use of technology. I also try to plan fun weekend activities outside the home where technology has no place – like "pick your own" fruit farms, parks, etc.

    We don’t do this yet but it may be time to start thinking about screen limits for the whole family not just the little ones. I’m looking forward to hearing how others solve this problem.


    This is a topic in our house right now.  It is more of an issue for us during the week than on the weekends. We’ve talked about having a "no screen night" where there is no TV, no PC and no checking smart phones for email.  We haven’t started it yet but your post has motivated me to start so I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m thinking that we could pick Wed night as "no screen night" and play games (which we love to do anyway).


    Your question is so timely. I just recently wrote about this very topic on our Mom to Mom Blog. Check it out here:

    In short though, I try to keep certain critical times of the day off limits for my blackberry — including the time we’re getting the kids ready for school and dropped off. Pick-up and dinner time are also almost always off-limits.If there’s a major work situation that demands my attention (or my husband’s) during this time, we step away, use the bedroom or home office to attend to the work situation, and treat it as if we were in the office. The other parent steps in for the kids. We don’t try to attend to the kids and work at the same time. That seems to set both up for failure.

    Also, no one in the family is allowed to bring anything electronic to any dining situation — no blackberry, smartphone, Leapster, etc — not in our own home, not at a relatives, not at a restaurant.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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