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Biting problem – help!

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    My toddler is biting everything and even worse, everyone! I know this is normal because of the teething but it hurts! My concern is that this has become more like a normal thing for him. What can I do to help him learn that you can not bite people?


    My toddler went through the same phase where she thought it was okay to bite since her teeth hurt.  Try giving a cold cloth to suck on, or a teether.  Also, I got this little vibrate/massage teether thing for her to bite on that helped a lot.

    When the child starts biting people, I think consistent discipline (time-out) is very effective and making sure your child care center is handling it the same way so communication is key!


    Great ideas, thanks! We’re making progress….slowly! I think handling this situation consistently at home, child care, and also with other people who watch my child (ie. granparents) is really key.


    My son went through this very recently (he’s now 22 months old). Part of it was teething but he was also using it to express frustration. I have worked with his teachers to use consistently firm language, teling him over and over again ‘no biting, use your words’. I also use it in multiple other situations so he learns it applies to everyone – we even tell the ducks ‘no biting – use your words’ when they all sweep in to get the bread he throws them. He thinks this is funny but it has helped him to understand and we seem to be through that phase (crossing fingers here)


    I love this resource… many insightful articles – the one on biting was useful for our family:

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    Jen and Paul Koch

    We are also encountering another wave of biting…yay teething!
    What seems to help is an immediate time out (no more than a minute), then we read the book ‘Teeth are not for biting’. I show him my owie and he usually wants to kiss it to make it better. Seems to be helping. At least he’s repeating the phrase ‘Teeth are not for biting!’. Good luck!

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    Joel Ellis

    If your child is attending a Bright Horizons Child Care Center, be prepared to quickly find another care provider if your child is a biter. You may find yourself hastily trying to find a new provider. My child is being suspended from our Bright Horizons Child Care Center due to biting and I have found myself in this predicament.

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    Hi Joel – I know that situations like this can be difficult and sometimes complex. If there is anything you’d like to discuss further about your particular situation, I’d be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate people at Bright Horizons to address your concerns. If you’re interested in discussing further, you can email me at Thank you! – Caty, Community Manager

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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