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    Like many busy moms, I really feel like I need more hours in a day to accomplish everythign! One "to-do" on my list that often gets neglected is exercising. I feel bad admitting this, but with a toddler in the house, I just can’t seem to find the time. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for incorporating this into my routine – with a small child underfoot? Are there ways to exercise (effectively) together, maybe?


    I’m in this same boat – there is just not enough hours in the day and exercise usually takes a back burner to everything else!

    You might think about non-traditional exercise for when your child is around. Put on some fun music or a children’s movement video and have a dance party. Break out some "wedding" and "roller skating" favorites with the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance. A while ago I found a fun children’s yoga on my cable’s On Demand service. Barefoot Books has a fun yoga book and flash cards that my daughter loves called, My Daddy is a Pretzel.

    Or, you can just get outside and run around playing silly outside games like Ring Around the Rosey and tag. Not only will you get exercise and spend quality time with your toddler but you’ll also wear out your little one so maybe you can find a few extra minutes to do some stretching, sit-ups, yoga or pilates moves.

    I need to take my own advice – lol!


    Credit yourself for the laundry basket up and down the stairs – I do! Glad my suggestions were helpful.


    Along those same lines of a dance party, if you have Wii, you may want to consider purchasing Just Dance Kids.  You don’t need any extra equipment, just the game.  The songs are ones your child will recognize, like Old MacDonald or Wiggles songs.  Wow – it really is a GREAT workout.  Sometimes my daughter gets tired and sits down and gives me her remote.  I then dance with both and at the end they score you as to how hard you worked out.  She is always so excited to see how hard "we" worked out.  My 2 year old loves to dance to, he thinks he’s pretty good at it!


    I like the idea of a little dancing/music party! I’m going to have to try that. That’s fun for everyone! Usually, I consider the multiple trips up and down the stairs with the heavy laundry basket to be my workout (cardio and weights, right?!), but these are great ideas.


    Glad to hear I’m not alone!! I used to be an avid gym-rat…but cancelled my membership becuase there was just no time in the week. I think I’ll start replacing my would-be gym time with some spontaneous dance parties at home. :smileyhappy: Maybe I’ll be able to revisit the gym idea in a few years when my toddler is in school full time…or when he’s off to college!


    Now that the weather is getting warmer I recommend bike riding with your toddler.  We have one of those bike trailers and before my twins were born my daughter and I used to go for long bike rides on a nice days.  She absolutely loved it and I loved getting outside and feeling like I got a good workout in.


    I agree with Amy, go for a dance party in your living room!   We still do it (my son is 5) and it is very fun and we can get very silly with making up funny dance steps.   It gives me a chance to expose him to different music too.

    Have fun.


    I am a self professed health nut and want to pass it on to my children.  I use both of them (3 1/2 and 11 weeks) as my weights, I get the older one to chase me around the living room or do yoga with me, give piggy back and horsey rides, have tickle wars, and set up obstacle courses.  One of my favorites though is using them for bench press or shoulder press and every time I lower them they get a kiss or a tummy raspberry.  It doesn’t take many of those to burn some calories and tighten up your arms.  There are a ton of mommy and me yoga and exercise videos on the market as well.


    When your children are old enough, playing backyard sports as a family can be a fun way to get everybody moving for a few hours. It is a good way to get outside on the weekend, and games can be played for all age levels – from tag/hide-and-seek to wiffle ball and football. Find something everyone enjoys!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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