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    Toya C

    I have a good friend who is about to move cross-country with her family – her husband got a new job opportunity. She has two girls – ages three and 11 mo. My friend was recently saying she is a bit worried about how she is going to connect with other moms in an area where she doesn’t know anyone, especially where her children are still too young to be in the school system. I was wondering if a mommy group might be a good option for her – though I’m not sure how one goes about finding a group!

    Do any of you have experience with mom groups? And, if so…how did you connect with them?

    Profile photo of Mary

    I LOVE my moms group.  It has helped me to get to know quite a few moms in my town.  In my case, my realtor first told me about the great group in our town.  At the time however, our town group was a part of "International Moms Club"  This organization frowns upon working moms so I initially wasn’t really the right fit for my group.  However, in my town, the group decided to branch off on their own and one of the reasons was to become more welcoming to all moms – working or not.  That being said, many towns have moms groups and probably the best way to find them is through the town.  In my sisters town, it’s actually the newcomers club that is more like a moms group so your friend can investigate by searching for chapters through the above link or searching her towns website.

    In my case, we have a very active group.  A wonderful chat board with daily activity, activities for moms with kids, activities for just moms and activities for everyone.  Ours also has book clubs, playgroups, a group that brings food to new moms, service focused groups – just a little of everything for everyone.  I’ve had to get out there to meet moms and as a working mom, it’s taken more effort.  I will also admit most moms know me but don’t know my kids (I have to do the evening stuff that is typically without kids) but I do try to do weekend stuff too so people get to know my children as well.  It’s been an overall positive experience but it’s definitely what you make of it!!  Good luck to your friend!


    I am a 23yr old single mom, who’s in a wheelchair. I have 18 month old twins. I need to find a mom’s group, also! I am trying to work 2 jobs, just to make ends meat! Especially, because I have A LOT of health problems, myself, that takes A LOT of money, too! Beside ALL it takes to take care of 2 VERY active toddlers! I have NO one to help me! It is VERY stressful! I have had to put the kids in daycare. Which I didn’t want to do, till at LEAST, 2 1/2! I feel like a VERY bad mom, because I don’t get to see them very often. I need help!


    I don’t have much info on mom groups as I’m looking to find the same information (half of what we all need is a shoulder to cry on sometimes!).  But what I will say is that feeling severe guilt from putting your kids in daycare so you can work and provide for them is what all working moms experience!  You should not beat yourself up and think you are failing as a mom when it sounds like you are an amazing mom!  Very few toddlers in today’s world are only cared for by their moms – as long as they are with a safe care provider that cares for them (they are probably having a lot more fun then if they were with you 24/7 stressed, trying to work, and exhausted!).  You need to care for yourself and even take extra time to give yourself time to relax in order to be the best mom you can be when you are with them.  Its the quality of the time, not the quantity.


     I am in  Broomfield Colorado Is anyone looking for a mommy and kiddo playgroup? cause I am. I just moved here from San Diego California and man am I bored. I am a stay at home mom of a two year old boy who really needs to get out of this house. So if you are interested let me know. Joyceann


    Toya C

    Thanks, all! This is great – I’ll be sure to let my friend know that this is a good idea. She is relocating to the Cincinatti area… but I hope others are able to connect and help each other find mom’s groups in different areas because of this post. Sounds like a wonderful way for moms to support each other and connect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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