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    This year for Thanksgiving, we’re traveling by plane to visit some of our extended family. This will be the first time my husband and I have attempted to fly with our two small kids (baby & preschooler). To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I need all the tips and help and reassurance I can get! Has anyone had a successful experience with this and can you please offer some tips?

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    That’s so exciting! I’ve flown with my daughter A LOT and she’s only 2.5. You will be totally fine esp. if you are travelling with your husband. I travelled quite a bit on my own w my daughter, we even went to Ireland on our own. Trust me, you’ll be fine between the two of you! 🙂

    My suggestions for baby – bottle, paci anything to make sure his/her ears pop. It may be tough but if you could time it so that for nap time is during flying time, it will give you a little break on the flight. For preschooler – I would highly suggest Ipad, DVD player or any device they can watch or interact with. IMO, this is no time to worry about screen time! 🙂 Bring a few different toys but only hand them out one at a time to keep him/her interested.

    Honestly for me the worst part is getting thru security. Once you’re on the plane, you can handle anything!

    Handiest thing I’ve found it using a backpack. Keeps your hands free in the airport to hold little hands or carry or push a stroller. I’m sure this is pretty obvious but bring lots of snacks – my daughter was never big on eating like a normal lunch on a plane so I just let her graze on snacks when she was hungry. Nice b/c it also kept her busy. Oh and don’t forget the wipes! Planes are so dirty!

    Have a wonderful trip! It will be fine! I’ve had just about every possible scenario (delayed flights, bumpy flights, poopy diapers, throwing up, crying) happen and we got thru it just fine! Im happy to share any other tips!

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    Thank you, newcarsmelly! Super helpful tips…I’m feeling reassured already. :smileyhappy:


    Caty Trio

    Here’s an article from Bright Horizons with some useful tips on flying with little ones for you to check out when you have a moment. Best of luck on the trip – enjoy!


    e-family news: Up in the Air – Flying with Children


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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