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Halloween Costumes – do you buy them or make them?

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    I’m feeling guilty. I don’t think I’ll have ANY time to even consider making a costume for my son this Halloween. My own mother always made amazing costumes for us, but I really don’t have the time, passion (nor talent!) to do so. Am I a bad mom? Do other people out there buy costumes? And if so, where? I need some moral support on this one.

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    Oh, don’t feel guilty! I have bought my fair share of costumes for my daughter. Life has not stopped because of it. 🙂


    Target has some great costumes for kids and I’ve found that they’re generally cheaper than those Halloween megastores or party stores you see cropping up at this time of year.

    Don’t feel guilty. I’m sure you go over and above as a mom in so many areas. Halloween is only one day a year and honestly, many kids prefer those store-bought costumes! We moms are the ones inflicting the self-guilt.


    Oh please don’t feel bad! I hate to say it but times have changed. Most parents don’t have time to make dinner, let alone costumes. That’s why the market has responded with takeout and premade costumes galore! If your kid wants to, or is willing to, be something where buying a costume is an option, consider yourself lucky and go for it. I’m making a costume this year, only bc my son had his heart set on something specific that I couldn’t find premade. It has been kinda fun, but I’ve taken two days off work, gotten child care so I could do the sewing uninterrupted, have a wicked callous on my thumb from cutting fabric, and countless needle pokes in my fingers. I would have preferred to take him costume shopping and then drank cider in a pumpkin patch, injury-free! And with all the materials costs I definitely paid more than a premade costume. If you like to be crafty, and your kid wants to be something unusual, yes it’s worth it to make their Halloween dream come true. But if it’s all the same to you and the child, I say save yourself the headache and do something fun and halloweeny together with the time and money you would have spent making a costume. Now, off I go to do more sewing…

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    Thanks everyone! You defintely made me feel better and not like a slacker mom! We have an AWESOME store bought superhero costume. Mom and son are both psyched and ready for some trick-or-treating. What are your kids being?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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