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Help! My child is becoming a carbi-carnivore

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    Recently my 4-year old has refused to eat vegetables and has become a carbi-carnivore (new word – like it?!?) eating only grains and meats. She typically is pretty good about trying her vegetables but now she says she tried them and doesn’t like them. I know it is common for children to go through phases – honestly, there are days I am sick of vegetables too. Anyone have some fun & interesting ideas for making veggies fun again?



    Have you tried blanched and then chilled?  Changes the texture just a bit.  Even I like ’em better that way.


    Have you tried letting her dip her veggies in hummus?  I never thought my toddler would eat hummus but she LOVES it and requests it often.


    We tried putting different types of salad dressing into little bowls and encouraged our son to try a "dunking party."  We also try to eat veggies with him and make it a group event, "Ok everyone pick up a carrot and dunk it in the ranch dressing.  Ok, now a cucumber, let’s try the italian dressing."


    Erica Boos

    Have you tried growing some vegetables with her? Maybe if she sees it go from seed to plate she will be more likely to want to see the fruits of her labor.


    I just keep trying with my boys.  The phrase "you only have to try one bite" is in heavy use at our dinner table, and I’ve noticed that my older boy gradually started taking more than one bite.  Now he asks for seconds!

    Along the same line as EricaB, you might try asking her to help you pick out the veggies at the store, and have her help you cook them, too.


    Magic Sauce (AKA…thousand island dressing), the name alone excites my two boys (ages 5 and 2). They even like Magic Sauce on plain white/brown rice.

    I also have included my 5 year old in prepping  veggies for dinner.  He enjoys washing baby carrots, grape tomatoes and even uses a very blunt butter knife to help slice peeled cucumbers.  He really enjoys making veggie plates for himself and his brother at dinner time.  I tell the boys they can start snacking on their veggies as I finish cooking.   They are hungry by that time and nothing else is out on the table yet, so they dig right in.  Good luck!

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    Sunny Day

    I make this recipe a lot, because my son likes it.  I made it recently for a party and my friend, who’s son ate the brocolli in the recipe, said that this was the first time that anyone was ever successful in getting her son to eat brocolli!  So maybe your child will like it too (its hard for most kids I know to pass up food with cheese in it).

    Brocolli Casserole

    20 oz frozen brocolli (usually works out to 2 small bags/boxes or 1 large bag)

    1 can cream of mushroom soup

    1 cup mayo

    2 eggs, beaten

    1 cup cheese, grated

    crushed crackers

    Turn on over to 350 degrees.  Mix all ingredients in a baking dish, except the crackers.  Top with crushed crackers.

    Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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    Kim Smith

    My toddler prefers raw veggies – they have more flavor.  Try cut up bellpeppers, cucumbers, celery with peanut butter on it (peanut butter has B-6 vit in it, I think).  If you buy those pre-packaged mini carrots and cut up celery, try switching from those to the ones you have to cut up yourself.  I heard that those mini carrots are processed with bleach and I have noticed myself that they have a strange taste from time to time. 

     You can also try steaming brocholi very lightly (holds flavor better) and smother with butter and some salt.  I noticed also, that brocholi from Whole Foods Market has a ton more flavor than any other place I have tried so far.  I also give my little guy lightly steamed asparagus prepared the same way.  You can also try a good vegetable soup recipe until you find one that he/she likes.  In soups you can sneak in spinach and lots of stuff he/she may not normally eat!  Good luck!


    Lisa Bollow

    My son Brandon has always been a good fruit eater but not veggies. About a year ago I had him start taking a product called Juice Plus which is 25 fruits and veggies that are juiced and the water sucked out and then created into soft chewables. I originally had him start taking it because the person who introduced me to it talked about all the antioxidant properties boosting his immune system since he was sick often and on antibiotics a lot. Two awesome things happened…. not only is he NEVER sick anymore but he has started to eat more veggies. He has picked cauliflower off of my plate and willingly eats the broccoli that Bright Horizons feeds at lunch. I recently made a cauliflower soup and he ate it all up! My husband and I noticed the insane difference and started taking it ourselves. Not one of us was sick this past winter, I normally have at least a sinus infection and I am completely off all of my allergy medication! This stuff is awesome, I pay for myself to take it and I get my son for FREE for four YEARS! They are doing this because they have a child study where they are showing results as I just described…. less child sickness, eats more fruits and veggies willingly, drinking more water, etc… I am happy to share more information with anyone that is interested.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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